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Dear Abby Pt.5


William and I have been seeing each other for the past two years. We even decided to move in together…well, he moved in with me. I was happy. [b]We[/b] were happy! and you…my little sunflower, took in to William as if he was your biological father. You love him. I see the sparkle in your eyes as he plays with you or read you a bed time story. William is the best thing that has ever happened to me and you. And I promise to give you as much love as you deserve…My Dear, Abby.

Back at the police office.

After two years of investigating the cases of, Deon Robertson, Eric Limon, Jeremy Galsin, Anthony Staunder, Mark Thomas, Walter Soundsend, Ricky Wilson and Jonathan Moore…it was always a dead end. No one knew nothing and no one had any leads. This was getting ridiculous and a bit overwhelming. Never in a hundred years would, Detective Randolph see it being hard to crack down on a case.

The blood work that was found in the victims nails two years ago matched no one that was recently in custody at that time. He was one of the best, Detective there was in his city. He felt that maybe it was time for him to retire after 35 years of being a detective. He was just about to close the case and wait another 2 years and pray for something else to come up, just when he came up with this bright idea.

He abruptly jumped up from his chair and went to the office where, his assistant, Mary Dobson was busy and drinking a cup of coffee.

“Hey ah…I need a huge favor”.
“What is it detective?”, she said with perking ears and a smile on her face. She knew that once the detective came into her office without knocking, he was up to something.
“I want you to get a copy of all the patience that were in and out of the hospital in the year of, 1995”.

“Which hospital, sir?”, Mary asked as she took a sip of her coffee.

“All of them”, He said calmly. Mary was a bit confused and asked again to make sure she heard him right. After all, there were over 20 hospitals in the whole city.

“All of them sir?”.

Randolph voice them boomed through out the police office with agitation and lack of consideration, in which it caught, Mary off guard and she jumped at his voice almost spilling her coffee, “ALL OF THEM!!”.

Mary said no more and did as she was told. Not thinking of being denied of certain information she asked for that went against hospital policy, she got on her job and did as she was asked.

It took three weeks for anything to come back from the hospitals. When Detective, Randolph did finally receive the paper work he had asked for, it took damn near the whole force to look over the documents. Until finally, A familiar name showed up on the list. A name that no one really took too seriously and the name that all of the victims were tied to. Clarrissa Oakson.

Randolph smiled as if he was doing an audition to play the, Joker in the next upcoming movie of, Batman. He immediately called into St. Justice hospital to collect information as to why, Clarrissa was there and to get a blood sample of, Clarrissa to match the sample that was in, Anthony’s nails.

To Be Continued...


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