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Dear Abby Continued Pt.2

May 7, 1995

Work days are always slow. I’ve been smiling ever since I walked in the door. I was a full time receptionist at a phone company by the name of; Simulation Communications. Been working this job for twelve years now. And after twelve. Long. Years-I’m still an receptionist. I didn’t really care though because the pay was good and it paid my bills. Even though, by now, it seems as if I should have my own personal office. But don’t. I still had my own cubical space. I sat at my desk with a cup of coffee. I needed that coffee because the night before was a busy one for me. I went out on a date with a guy I met at the mall. Well…not really a date, we talked a little while he was on break. He was an security guard. Married. And I didn’t care. He had no kids. We made plans to have a real date later.

I was cut off from my thoughts by my Cubical mate, Sally. She came into work chewing on her gum all ghetto as usual. Didn’t care who she disturbed while making that loud popping sound. As soon as she sat her things on her desk, she peeked over in my personal space.

“You look like you’re glowing this morning”, she says as she’s smacking on that gum. I gave her a half smile while pretending to be working.
Ignoring my not-interested-in-talking look, she continued, “You’re fashion sense has shot through the ceiling as of late”.

“Is that an insult?”, I say now looking up at her.
“Girl naw! It’s an compliment. You look good girl”. I gave her another half smile and continued what I was doing…trying to ignore her.
“Thank you”, I said to her with not much interest. Sally was still leaning over my cubical as if she was sizing me up or looking for something else to talk about. I kept myself busy on my computer.

While looking at the screen, I say, “What is it Sally?”.

“Oh nothing. Did you hear on the news this morning-that they found this mans body in the dumpster over on Bellaville Rd?”. That caught my interest. My eyes slowly looked away from my computer screen and up at Sally.

“No. I didn’t hear that. Did I know him?”.
“I doubt it. He was a John Doe. They couldn’t identify the man. His face was so discombobulated and his fingers looked as if they were caught in a trash compacter”, She says with a shrug of her shoulders, “It was very hard for them to identify him. So, they are going to try and identify him through dental records and hopefully get in touch with a family member of his”.
“No I.D?”, I wanted to know.
“Nope. Nothing. Poor guy. I hope they catch the person who did that to him. What an animal. Well, see you on break girl”. Then she finally disappeared behind the cubical.


Sunday-May 10th, 1995

It was finally the day to meet up with the married man. I had went shopping and bought new clothes and new lingerie to wear. I wanted to look extra special for Tony tonight. I even attempted to change my style of hair and added a few extensions to it. I always thought extensions would look good on me anyway. There was five hours remaining before we were to meet up….so, I decided to go out and have a couple of drinks to loosen up a little. Drinking was not my thing. But, when having a plan in motion-drinking was very much necessary.

At the bar, I was a little shy because going to places as such wasn’t a regular thing for me. I observed my surroundings and seen how carefree and loose people were while sitting at the bar or dancing. I had to learn to be that way as well-act as if being here was a second home for me. I found an empty seat at the bar and wasted no time getting the bartenders attention. I wanted to start off with something light. Once the bartender approached me, I said, “An apple martini please”.
“Tini coming up!”, the bartender said as she went to make my drink. Five Martini’s later, I was feeling nice and a little at ease. By this time, a handsome guy came and sat next to me. He was a nice brown complexion with jet black wavy hair. His goatee was nicely trimmed and no wedding band on his fingers. He ordered an, Grey Goose on the rocks. I didn’t know what that was but it sounded like something strong. I went into my purse to pay for my drinks and to tip the bartender when I was startled by his deep, sensual voice.

“Leaving already”, he asked.

“I stopped digging in my purse to make eye contact with him and says, “Well yea. My night here has come to an end”. I gave him a weak smile.
“I’m William”, he says as he introduce himself with a gentle smile. He looked as if he wouldn’t hurt a fly. But the smile I knew of too well. I returned the same smile.

“Well good luck. People here are already over due”. I giggled a little and proceeded to get up from my seat but was startled again.

“Would you like another drink before you leave for the night?”, William asked me.
“Uhh…I…don’t know…”
“Oh c’mon. It’ll be the best drink of your night”.
…Of my night?! He has got to be kidding me. So I asked, “Are you buying?”.
“Sure, I asked. I’ll even pay for the drinks you already had before I arrived”.
What deal is better than that!?! He’s offering to buy me a drink and pay for my previous drinks-which mean; I get to keep my money.
“Well…since you offered”.
He paid for my previous drinks and the current drinks I ordered. We talked, we laughed and we ended up back at my place.

After lying in bed and lying comfortably in his arms. I was out for the count.


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