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Dear Abby Pt.2

November 9, 1994 (Part 2)

Raped! I was freaking raped! By………Charlie?…No. that had to be a lie. Even though I have not heard from him since the last I seen him, November 7th a little before midnight…He betrayed me and lied to me. All I did that night after talking to the doctor, was lie in this hospital bed and think of what happened that night I invited Charlie over to my house for the third time. We were sitting in the living room having a nice conversation. So I thought. And I remember going into the kitchen to get me and him a cup of orange juice and then I also remember my phone ringing. I went to answer it and left Charlie alone in the living room…With my juice on the table. I came back to the living room and he was starting to flirt with me. I had to have turned red with embarrassment because I haven’t been flirted with like that since high school. He made a pass at me in which I rejected. After I……..took a drink of my orange juice…. My memory stops there. Which means; he had to have slipped something into my drink.

Three Days Later…

My eye’s started to water with rage and betrayal. I really liked Charlie and to think he did something like this to me hurt me dearly. It’s been years since I was last in a relationship and because of men lying and cheating and causing nothing but stress which drained a lot of energy, I was not trying to get too close to any man. And just as I let my guards down, this is what happens to me.

I was ready to hunt down any man that has ever did any woman wrong and do the same to them as they did to a woman or worse. I was willing to kill. My hurt and anger and all the rage built inside of me was ready to be set free. My mind was made up. I got tired of lying in bed feeling sorry for myself. So I picked myself up and went to shower, brush my teeth and do my hair and put on my best clothes. I had to find Charlie.


April 4, 1995

I was sleeping good. Had just rolled over with slob draining from my mouth and sleep in my eyes. Resting. Not wanting to get out of bed. Then there was a loud bang. Then another and another. Constantly. I jerked my head up glancing at my digital clock that sat on the nightstand next to my bed. It was only 6a.m and someone was banging at my door!

As bad as I didn’t want to leave the comfort of my bed, the banging forced me out of bed because it was starting to make my head hurt. I stumbled to my feet as I tried to slip on my house shoes, but couldn’t find the mate, I went to answer the door. I knew that I was looking a mess but I didn't care.

There was the banging again.
“Alright, Alright I’m coming”, I said while dragging my voice indicating that I was still indeed sleepy. I took the chain off my door and unlocked the bolt and yanked it open with force and anger, just wide enough to peek my head out of the door. To my surprise, It was the police banging and knocking at my door. What the hell could they have possibly wanted? Beats me.

“Hi Ms. Oakson”, one of the officers says. He was a short guy. Reminded me a lot of my uncle Bernie.

Take away the 1950’s mustache and that was uncle Bernie for sure. I said nothing when he spoke to me-In which he wasn’t really speaking to me but just clarifying I was the name he just mentioned.

“…I’m officer Selznick and this is my partner, Officer Bronze…Is it O.K if we come inside for a minute?”.
I said nothing but took a step back from my door and offered them inside with a flag of my hand. They stepped inside and I rolled my eye’s to the ceiling as I closed my door.

“How can I help you guys this early morning”. I made sure to emphasize early as I’d rather be in bed instead of staring them in the face right now.

“We were wondering if you knew someone by the name of Jeffrey Galsin?”.
Galsin? What a weird name to have, “No”, I said, “But I do know someone by the name of Jeffrey Wright. Why?”.
“Right, Jeffrey Wright. Galsin is another name he went by through marriage from his mother. What was your relationship with, Jeffrey?”, The short cop asked. “We were just good friends… Why?” I was not in the mood for this shit. “Have you seen him?”, Officer Selznick continued.
What in the world is this, Have I seen him??

“Is he missing?”, I asked worried. Or was I worried?
“As a matter of fact he is. His mother said that she hasn’t seen him for a week now and she was starting to worry about him. Have you talked to her?”.
“No. I hardly know her. I’ve only met her once since meeting Jeffrey. Why would you come here?”.
“His mother said that he may be here. Is he?”.
[i]Well if he was he’d be standing here right! I had to calm down and tell them what they wanted to hear.[/i]
“No…no he’s not here. I seen him the day before yesterday though. He didn’t mention anything about going on vacation or anything. So I wouldn’t be much of help to you fella’s this morning. So”, I said as I ran my fingers through my hair, “If you could excuse me I have a very long day ahead of me and need to get all the sleep I can get. But if I hear anything……”, I was cut off by the tall cop.

“Here”, he reaches into his pocket and hands me a card, “If you hear from him, please, give us a call”. I looked at the card with a frown on my face. But to not seem guilty of anything, I took the card from the officers hand.
“If you hear from him,” the tall cop continued, “Please tell him to call his mother because she is worried sick about him”. I nodded my head in agreement. All I wanted to do was get back to my bed.
“Sorry to have bothered you”, The short cop says with a tilt of his head as they exited my house. I took a deep breath after locking my door and went back to bed. I had less than three hours to be to work.

To Be Continued...

Dear Abby Continued...

After I was done gulping the water down in the kitchen over the sink, I rejoined Charlie in the living room. He was now standing by the fireplace, looking at a picture of me and my mother when I was fourteen years old.

As I sat on the couch, Charlie was aware that I was back in the living room.
“Is this a picture of you and you’re mother?”.
“Yup. I was a sweet and innocent teen back then”.
“Where is you’re mother now?”, Charlie asked as he continued to study the picture on the fire place.

“Oh, my mother passed away a while ago”. He said nothing as if he was waiting for me to tell him how my mother passed away. I barely shared how my mother went on home to a better place and Charlie, a complete stranger was not going to know neither. I mean, if we’d be together for a while, then I’d tell him all about it, “It’s a long story”, I said, “Here, have a seat next to me”, I said to him as I patted the empty pillow next to me for him to sit down. Taking one last look at the picture, he came to join me on the couch.

“You’re mother was a beautiful woman. Now I see where you get you’re looks from”, Charlie says while looking deep into my eyes. I couldn’t say anything but blush. I blushed so wide and hard that I could have sworn there was some extra light in the living room.
“Well thank you”, I said to him after I was able to speak to him, “You’re very nice looking yourself”.

November 8, 1994

My head was aching. My arm was throbbing from pain. My legs felt sore as if I’ve been wrestling with someone. Then there was pain. Pain in the area of my body that should never have pain. My thighs were sore. I was in a room. All white. With a television in the corner.

I then realized that my fingers was sore. Bruised. Unable to make a fist at this point and time. I tried to move but my body was aching with pain. It felt unbearable. I’ve never been in this kind of pain. -May have witnessed it a time or two from my mother being in pain after her boyfriend Jerrick would beat her until she gave him her last sip of E&J. But for me to feel this pain…something wasn’t right.

Then a phone started to ring. It sent throbbing pain through my head. I was wishing someone would turn it off!

I then took the time to observe my surroundings. I was in the hospital. But what happened. Finally there was a nurse that came into my room and interrupted my thoughts of where-about.

“Ms. Oakson? You’re awake! You’re phone have been ringing all morning”, she says to me as I stared at her in disbelief because I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why I was here! She went over to answer my phone.

“Ms. Oakson’s room”, She sang into the phone. The person on the other end must have not responded because she repeated, “Hello? Ms. Oakson’s room??”. Then she hung up.

“Someone has been calling you’re phone all morning but wouldn’t say anything. Anyway, probably wrong number”, She says as she waved her hand, “How are we doing this afternoon? I‘m nurse Vicki”. I wish I was feeling as good as you right now, I was thinking to myself. This lady was so happy that I didn’t see a point in being as happy as she was. I was lying in a hospital bed for crying out loud and she was happy!

“Wha…what am I doing here? How did I get here?”. I wanted to get up so badly and walk out of the hospital but I couldn’t. My body was aching.
“Oh, the doctor didn’t tell you huh. I’m just going to take you’re blood pressure really quick here…”, She says as she grabs for the blood pressure cuff and start to open it to place on my arm.

As the stitches from the cuff were being ripped apart, my head started to ring. I was so not feeling this stage of my life.
“And I’ll have the doctor come in and talk to you”, The nurse continued as she placed the stethoscope on my wrist to monitor my pulse. After the nurse was done taking my blood pressure, she jotted something down on her clip board which held medical information concerning me, she told me that doctor Malice would be in my room shortly.

I sat there and waited until what seemed like forever until the doctor came into the room to let me know why the hell I was here-Because I really don’t remember what happened and what lead me here. As I waited for the doctor, I managed to make my way over to the couch that was in my room. I was in pain, but I made it to the couch. My adrenaline was rushing and I could no longer lay in that bed.

A few more seconds later, there was a tap at the door. I didn’t feel like saying enter-not that I had to because the doctor peeked his head inside my room before entering.

With a wide but nervous smile, He spoke to me and introduced himself to me. I didn’t want to hear anything else except for my being here.

“Can you please tell me what I’m doing here? How did I get here?”.

“You don’t remember anything?”, the doctor asked me intensely.
If I knew why and how I was here, I wouldn’t be asking you to find out.

I just nodded my head and looked at my fingers which were bruised and red. I then gave them a little wiggle and looked back at my doctor with a confused look on my face.

He seated his self in a stool that he got from the corner of the room and adjusted his glasses as he sat in the chair. It seemed as if the more impatient I was getting, the more my head started to pound. I just wanted to yell in his face to tell me sooner.

He inhaled and exhaled then says, “The reason why you’re here Ms. Oakson is because……you were raped…”.

Dear Abby

September 19, 1994

Today was like any other day. I’d wake up and make me a big bowl of cereal and eat it alone. I never took the time to shower and brush my teeth before breakfast because they’d get back dirty once I was done eating anyway. And I never took the time to shower because; I was always a messy eater. Even when I’d try to be careful eating, I’d always make a mess some how.

My life was never all the more interesting. It was the same things going on but just a different day. But today, I decided to go shopping and buy myself some new clothes and a little groceries. Never had I imagined my life taking a turn for the…..better?

I was browsing through a selection of clothing when I heard a voice over my shoulder say, “My oh my what a beautiful woman you are”. I didn’t think to immediately turn around because my back was facing whomever he was, giving a compliment to someone. So It was impossible for him to be talking to me. I mean, my hair was in a ponytail with a scarf wrapped around my head-as if I’d just got done doing laundry. I didn’t wear the best of clothing and was now sporting a pair of black jogging pants and my favorite blue polo shirt. I wore this shirt so much that: I should have been read my rights for wearing it as much as I have. I just kept browsing the selection of clothing knowing that no one would ever want to approach a woman like me.

“Excuse me ma’am”. I heard the same now familiar voice say to me now standing on the left side of me. I was a little shy but all the while a little pleased to know that he was talking to me.

I slowly looked to the side of me and smiled, “Yes”. I shyly said to him.
“I couldn’t help but to notice you from across the room here…”.
Yea right! I’ve heard that line before.

“-And you are strikingly beautiful”, The stranger said with a smile. I couldn’t help but to wonder how did he know that I was “strikingly” beautiful from across the room and with my back facing him. So I did what any other inquiring mind would do.

“How did you notice my beauty from across the room…with my back facing you?”.
I couldn’t wait to hear what his answer was going to be. Deep down I wanted him to feed me some B.S. and tell me what I wanted to hear to make me feel good about myself. But then the other part of me wanted the truth. As I stood there, gazing into his beautiful eye’s that made you feel as if you were on the titanic when it was nice and clean and before it sank down under, I was ready for whatever came out of his mouth.

“It’s not that hard”, He starts to explain, “From the side of you’re face, I knew that you were beautiful. Just how you’re…lips and you’re nose complimented the structure of you’re face. And your freckles…I love a woman with freckles”, He flashes a smile, “I’m very confident in how I choose and see”. He seemed very confident I might add. And to notice my freckles?! I’ve always been a bit insecure when it came to my freckles. I inherited them from my father. I didn’t know if I wanted to buy his line or not.

.....But it was something about his eyes and his smile that made me think otherwise. It made me believe what he said to me. All I was able to do was blush.

September 30, 1994

There was water draining from my washing machine after I was done washing a load of clothes. I figured it was time for me to put in on a new one. But how was I going to get it in the house? When I got this washer and dryer, which I had gotten from someone three years ago, I had an uncle and cousin around to help me bring it in. Well, they didn’t help me per SE-I paid them both ten dollars each to bring the appliance inside. They didn’t care how much I gave them, just as long as they were able to get themselves a beer or two to guzzle down. I was never a drinker. But it seemed as if everyone in my family drink something. My mom was a terrible drinker. She always had a bottle of E&J by her side and a twelve pack of beer. I always wished and prayed that mama stopped drinking but it was all too late now. Alcohol took my mother away back in 1980. She was a good woman before she started drinking though. But life took a turn on her and she changed over night it seemed like. My dad was never around. Well…maybe every blue moon-or should I say full moon because the moon would never be blue. He’d come around and stay for twenty minutes then leave. Him and my mom would always argue when he’d come around. And the argument always started with me. The only thing my dad did was kiss my forehead when he leave and say, “I love you kitten”, and walk out the door. To this day, I don’t know if the man is dead or alive.

I started to mop the wet puddles off the floor that came from the machine until my phone started to ring. Moping the last of the puddle, I went to answer my phone.

I didn’t have caller I.D at the time so I’d always disguise my voice when answering just in case it was a bill collector calling me.

“Hello”, I said into the receiver with a mild tone, raspy voice.
“Yes uh…I was looking to speak with Clarrissa…” The voice on the other end didn’t sound to sure if he’d dialed the wrong number or not. I knew his voice. The same as I remember him from the clothing store.

“This is Clarrissa”, I said happily into the phone. If only he was able to see how big I blushed when I heard him say my name. Just to be sure, I asked, “Whose calling?”.
“This is Charlie. I met you at Sin City clothing store?”, He asked not sounding so sure.
“Oh yes. The guy with the deep blue sea eye’s”.

September 30, 1994 10:23p.m

I was now floating on air. For the first time after meeting Charlie at the clothing store, he came by to see me today. I guess that he thought I was going to turn him down when he asked if he could see me. I happily obliged to seeing him. I wanted to see him.

He came over and as soon as I opened my door to him, I was in a daze mesmerizing his beauty. I have heard an saying of; it was not polite nor kind to call a man beautiful and that it was only fitting for a woman. But when you see beauty, you have to give credit where credit is do. And Charlie was getting all my credit and honor.

He stood so tall and muscular wearing a black shirt and blue jeans along with a dog tag around his neck. The shirt revealed the muscles and biceps that I must have missed at the clothing store. It was all bulging out waving at me.

All I could do was smile as he gave a smile in return. I felt like the same little high school girl I use to be when going out on my first date. I would never forget Stanley Muddford, the quarter back for our high school football team. He was 5”9 with broad shoulders. Eye brows as thick as caramel. His skin complexion was so rich that it put you in the mind of honey. He had all his teeth and they were white as snow. I can still remember his scent as I think about him. He always smelt as if he had just gotten out of the shower, whether he was hot and sweaty or not! He was the most sweetest guy I have ever met. He always cherished me with gifts and let me wear his jacket to let others know that I belonged to number 38. He always made me feel special and had me blushing all the time. But when high school was over, mama decided that it was time to move. And I never got a chance to say goodbye to Stanley. I sometimes wonder if Stanley is still alive and what he’s doing with himself these days. I wouldn’t know if he continued his dreams of being a football player because, I’m not that big on sports.

As I let Charlie inside, his eyes started to roam around my house. By the look in his eye’s, I could tell that he was in awe by the paintings I have on my wall. They were paintings that I’ve had for years that were either gifts or something I wanted to spend money on.

“You’re house is beautiful”, He finally says. I smiled and said, “Thank you. Come on in and make yourself comfortable”, I said as I lead him to the living room.

“Would you like a glass of water? Juice? Milk?”, I asked while walking toward the kitchen as Charlie made himself comfortable on the couch.
“No thank you”, he answered. I was going to get me a big cup of water because I felt dehydrated for some reason.

To Be Continued...

Bowling Fun With Don Lothario and Tracey Lambert
Don's lesson in bowling came in handy. Tracey was soon striking out like, Don was.

Don was really feeling his self too! LOL!

Tracey and Don was having a really nice time and it was something different and very appealing to, Don about Tracey that he liked. His like for her eventually turned into love (I have to mention that before these two date, Tracey and Don spent a lot of time together at his house one on one before their dates)

Then they started to have a pillow fight at the bowling alley and didn't care who was watching them or what anyone had to say about it.

Another successful date. And not only that, Tracey also gained some fame

Just like two peas in a pod...Tracey (like Don) called up her best friend and told her all about the date she had with, Don and how fun he was.

Don bring Tracey flowers from the first date...

And she read the card that was attached to the flowers...

Tracey also received some coupons for the next time she want to go out.

Also like, Don..Tracey received a promotion 2x's...

And, Don dropped this off from their second date together... :)

Aren't they such a match made in heaven :)

Don Lothario Met The One
When I created, Tracey Lambert I wasn't planning on playing her and only had her in game to take pics because she was a follower's gift on tumblr. But then as I took the pics, I fell in love with her and wanted to keep her in my game and play with her. Now she is the love of, Don Lothario <3 They both seem to share the same LTW and they also have the same chemistry. It was not intentional at all but it worked out that way...

Tracey is from the old school. She believes in actually talking on the phone than to text someone. She believes in dating and getting to actually know someone before it becomes serious...However she is something like, Tyra Banks when it comes to kissing someone. She has no problem with lip smacking at all because that's all your gonna get lol

Tracey also believe in cleaning her own house. Even as a child she'd rather do her own laundry and clean her room other than the maid that her father and mother hired. She always felt that the maid did a half assed job.

But besides all the personals in her life...she had a date. With a man that she thought was the finest man to ever grace the earth since she's been alive :)

Tracey like testing her men in a way. So to see if this guy was really for her, she decided to take, Don with her to the pet shop. Tracey been thinking of getting a small dog for the longest.

Tracey took the time out to talk to the parrot. She was very tempted to grab him but a bird is not what she wanted. Don actually had a nice time at the pet shop.

Leaving the pet store, they went out to eat at the diner. Also, Don lips were so tempting that, Tracey just had to see if they were as soft as they looked *giggle*

While sitting down and chatting until the food arrived, Don wanted to know more about, Tracey.

"So, Tracey. Tell me a bit about yourself..."

"Well...I'm from a small town-BlueWater Village, and I'm from a small family-it was only My Mother, Brother and I. My father own the only farmers market in our city. My grandmother was the first Captain Hero in our town...ummm I'm a single woman", Tracey smiles, "Anything else you want to know?".

Tracey was soon giving, Don a massage. Don is usually the one giving them out rather than receiving them.

As if time had leaped an hour, the date was soon over :(

Don knew right then and there that he would want to definitely see, Tracey again.

As soon as I thought they probably wouldn't date again, Don gave, Tracey a call...

This time, they went bowling. Tracey didn't know much about bowling at all but pretended to know what she was doing.

It was a complete Fail! and Tracey knew it. But she could not let her competitor see her sweat.

"I got you baby girl. Let me show how to really bowl".

Don is even good in bowling! He is just full of surprises :D


Don doing his lil victory dance...

Don Lothario And His Friends
Don took some time out of his day to learn a few things that he didn't know about his body. Maybe he will take the time to use to his advantages....or others :)

Don have been thinking about, Brandy for some reason and decided to give her a call. They chatted for a while until she told him that she was able to get him a raise... :confused: he never got the raise through her at all...

Then he felt confident enough to invite her over. But she shot him down. It didn't matter to, Don because he had a good week anyway and on top of it all-he earned his own promotion!

To celebrate that promotion, Don headed out to the lucky shack to get a bit of mingling going on. There, he met, Shelby.

And Don being as smooth as he is was giving, Shelby a massage in no time ;;)

Those smooth skills of his also landed him a kiss...

Don thinking that he'd gotten, Shelby where he wanted her and making her feel comfortable with him thought he'd ask her to come home with him. Didn't work because she turned down his offering.

No luck this time so, Don went to gambling...

Random pic of a Vamp trying to beat the sun home LMAO!

"Blah...I need to get home quick...Blah" LOL!

Don received this random phone call...

Don even got promoted....2x's! :D

Hmmm...a love note

Wow! what a grin...

I guess, Brandy wanted to pretend that she really cared that, Don once messed around with her friend, Veronica...

Don met a couple more ladies...Lolita and Tracey Lambert :)

Tracey is swooning over, Don already

Don has been such a send off as of late. He asked, Shelby out on a date and didn't show up on the community lot *giggle* he actually had other things on his mind and didn't want to get turned down by her like he did before. He's been spending time trying to get a hold of, Brandy.

He has GOTS to make it up to, Shelby. We can't keep having her kicking the trash over all because she's all in her feelings because he sent her off...smh and she kicks his trash over, Don finally got a hold of, Brandy and invited her over.

Brandy showed up and tried to act all shy. As if she didn't enjoy, Don whispering sweet nothings in her ear LOL!

Oh yea...

Even though he had finally got, Brandy back over...he wanted to do nothing more than flirt with, Tracey :)

Don Lothario And His Friends
It ain't easy being, Don Lothario when you have to live alone and cook you're own food. And this day was just not his day.

But there was no need in wasting his burnt food so he had to eat it anyway.

One evening, Don was chatting on the computer and met a girl by the name of, Veronica Miceli. Don wanted to eventually get to know her better so he took to calling her on the pnone and she let him know that...

This girl was going to possibly be his next victim but she was jogging by way too fast. I wonder if she heard a thing or two about, Mr.Don Lothario :giggle:

In the mean time though, Don got promoted :)

Then later he invited, Veronica over in which she also bring a friend along with her.

Since he invited, Veronica over (in which he found out that she was a college girl) he took to making breakfast for her and her friend. I hope he doesn't burn the food this time around :lol2:

I also gave, Veronica and her friend, Brandy LeTourneau a make over..

Brandy before...

And Brandy after...

So of course, Kaylynn was there doing her job as usual and she asked, Don if he'd like to hang out after (as she always does) and he told her that she was good to go home. She seemed to have knew the reason why :giggle:

Shortly after, Kaylynn left...Don wasted no time putting his smooth moves to work on, Veronica.

In no time they were headed upstairs to the hot tub...

Later that night, Don took to writing in his diary. I wonder what he calls this diary :think: "Confessions of a playa" perhaps :clueless: but anyway his bestfriend came up in the diary. It's been a minute since he last talked to him...

..So he gave him a call to tell him all about this hot college girl he met...

The Journey Of Angie Dunbar- Mandatory Meeting
Mandatory Meeting

“Glad that you decided to join us, Candice”.

Candice kept on walking to her chair as if she didn’t hear, Leandra.

Leandra proceeded, “Good evening everyone. It is nothing new to you all that we have mandatory meetings and sessions three days out of the week. But first, I’d like to introduce our newest resident here at, Teens Advocate. Her name is, Angie. I’m sure a few of you are familiar with, Angie by now and those who aren’t well….get use to her”.

Leandra and a few of the girls giggled.

“Now as you all know that staying here at, Teens Advocate has it’s privileges only if you take on those privileges. We have a goal that we have mapped out for you all but it all depends on the road you want to take-"

"-We want to be able to help you….help your self. That is one of our main goals here at, Teens Advocate. Me and the other staff are always here and willing to help…..”

As, Leandra gave her speech by brushing the girls up on the reason why they are there and what to accomplish by the time they leave there, Felicia walks into the room.

Jamaica and Sharlene looks up to, Felicia because of the way she carries her self, physically and mentally. When she walked into the room, they both whispered, in the middle of, Leandra talking, “Hi, Ms. Felicia”.

Felicia only looks at them and smile.

“...So now I’m going to hand the podium over to, Ms. Felicia”.

“Hello, ladies”.

The girls speaks to her.

“I said that I was not going to keep you guys here too much longer as this meeting is almost over. But I wanted to know if you guys were aware of the new activity that we have here at the shelter?”.

No one knew of the new activity and some were curious and confused.

“We have now added gardening into you guys activities. We want you to be able to take care of your own gardening some day to save yourselves some money. Gardening will take place every, Wednesday after your 2:00 financial classes are over…”

Tiarree raises her hand.

“Yes, Tiarree?”.

“Is Gardening mandatory?”.

“It wouldn’t be right if it wasn’t”

Felicia heard some sigh’s through out the room.

“Well that is all for now and I’m excited to see you guys on Wednesday at 3:00!”.

Class dismissed!

“So, Angie…do you have a job or anything?”, Jamaica ask, Angie.

“Nah. Not right now”.

“Well I’m sure you need a little bit of money-Some quick money to go in your pockets while you’re here because let me tell you; if your not making the money, they ain’t giving it to you”.

“Do you, work?”, Angie wanted to know while she was all in her mix.

“Well…sorta. To be blunt…I’m a stripper”.


“Girl yea!”, Alyssa chimed in, “And you can make over a thousand dollars in one night!”.

Leida already knew what, Jamaica and Alyssa were up to because they tried the same thing with her and Malaysia when they first came in the shelter.

Leida grumbled to, Malaysia, “Look at them over there”.

“Man, Jamaica, why don’t you leave her alone. Don’t nobody wanna take they clothes off like ya’ll asses do!”, Leida snapped at her.

“Whatever. Don’t you got a motor cycle to be riding some where!”, Jamaica says throwing jabs at, Leida’s outfit. “And ain’t nobody even talking to you, Leida so why don’t you shut up!”.

Leida was now out of her seat, “Bitch! Get up and MAKE me shut up!”

“Every time we get a new girl in here, ya’ll are always in they ear…trying to make somebody be on ya’ll team and take they clothes off for money. I’m tried of hearing that shit!”, Leida snapped out.

“Blah, blah, blah! You just mad, Leida. Sat down….ain’t nobody try’na hear youuuuu…”.

“Come make me sit down, Africa!”.

Leida purposely calls her Africa trying to get under her skin. Nina not wanting them to fight gets in the middle as both of the girls continue to argue back and forth,

“Omigosh guys. Can we all just sit back and have a nice time….geesh”.

No one heard, Nina and they kept arguing as the other girls laughed. They knew that Leida and Jamaica were not going to fight each other and it was all talk. They have a love hate type of relationship. But when they get into it, it is all comical to others.

Melvin didn't hear, Shyan calling for him. He was to busy on the phone trying to get some kind of information on where his oldest child could possibly be. Shyan then tugged at his shirt.
"Daddy...I talked to, Angie..."
That got his attention. He let the person on the phone know that he would call them back and he hung up without a good bye. He turned to his daughter with a smile on his face.

"Well that's great honey. Where is she?".

"I....I don't know daddy. Sh...she just called to let us know was fine..."
Melvin knew that his daughter was aware of, Angie's where abouts because of her stuttering. Shyan never stutters unless it's a lie.

"Now, Shyan...You know that I know your telling a fib. It is O.K to tell me where she is. I promise I won't let her know that you told me".

Shyan took a while to think about it.

"....But she made me promise daddy and I don't want to break it..."

This story was fun to write while it lasted. But unfortunately, this story will not be continued as my game started acting crazy and I had to uninstall my game. So it ends here and I hope you were able to enjoy what you've read so far :)

Nostalgia "What did you do with your Pleasantview characters".
I was going through some old TS2 archives and came across one where someone asked what others did with their Sims. I wasn't that active back then in the Sims2 Community(Even though I was playing the game back then as well) like I am now and wished that I hadn't missed out on them fun times and post. So I'm creating my own, "What Did You Do With Your Sims" for my own enjoyment and memories.

For starters I also created my own sims to go along with Pleasantview originals and they blended in just fine. I will also mention them (which is the Daisy family) because they all mixed into the premades as well. So I guess I'll start off with my Daisy family to get a sense of who they were.

Daisy Family: The Daisy family was created by me in CAS. It was my first time playing TS2 and wasn't to familiar with BS as I am now and plus I wanted to get started in playing the game right away! So they were pretty much original looking :) But the Daisy family consisted of, Clair Daisy and Anthony. They started off in Pleasantview as just friends/room mates but they were both attracted to each other. Claire was a Family sim and Anthony was a Romance sim.

The Caliente Sister's: Since Nina was a romance sim, I made sure that she stuck to her wants in wanting to woohoo all the time. Since her and Don were already seeing each other, she ended up having his child which was a girl and she named her, Dontharia. Nina also had a child with, Daniel Pleasant which was also a girl and she named her, Danielle. I also let, Nina get pretty cozy with the burglar, Gordon King and they married and had a daughter together. I can't remember her name but she was not so pleasant looking. Down the line though, Nina and Gordon ended up getting a divorce and breaking it off. Nina then moved on to another townie that had no points at all. He was filthy and dirty. But after getting with, Nina...she cleaned him up real good and he was bringing money into the house. They also shared two children together.

Dina on the other hand met my sim, Anthony. She did a lot of sneaking around with him as by this time, Anthony and Claire made things official. Dina ended up having a child by, Anthony in which she named him, Jacob. After while her and Anthony no longer seen each other and he made sure to keep in contact with his child (Not to mention that, Claire was also pregnant around the same time, Dina was)Dina eventually moved in with, Mortimer and they married. She then had a child by, Mortimer which was a girl and she named her, Brittany-they also adopted a little boy along the way and I forget what they named him. When the time came, Mortimer was called home by the simgod. Dina inherited all of the money and kept the house. She also moved on to another man whom she then had a child with.

Don Lothario: Don had his fun with all the ladies while still being engaged to, Cassandra Goth. Don had a baby by, Kaitlynn the house maid and she ended up moving in with him. They named they're baby girl Donleesa and the boy, Don Jr. After while, Kaitlynn got tired of, Don cheating ways and packed up her kids and got herself a nice little three bedroom apartment. Don also had a child by his other long time lover, Nina in which her name was, Dontharia. That made Don have more freedom. He then met a woman name, Marcy and they had a beautiful child together which was another girl and she named her Donraye. He then had a child with, Cassandra Goth-in which it took several tries and she also had a girl and they named her, Donterra. However down the line after so many woman and so many children, Don met a girl that he really liked. Her name was, Alexis. She was the child of, Claire and Anthony Daisy. Don got with her as soon as she was fresh out of college. They ended up having a set of girl twins (more he was the towns casanova! if you like to play women give 'em a lot of girls and see how he reacts)they named them, Makayla and Lanayah. They then moved in together and they eventually married and all together they had like 6 kids together, the two twins, Makayla and Lanayah, Summer, Celeste, Marcus and Chanell. He stayed married and never cheated on, Alexis. She held a special place in his heart.

I will continue this later. I'm tired of typing :P

The Journey Of Angie Dunbar-The Call-Part XII
After, Angie was done talking to, Shyan she hung the phone up and immediately called her best friend, Dobby.

“Hey, Dobby. What’s up?”, Angie said into the phone speaking to her long time friend.


“Where the hell are you!”.

“I’m staying at this shelter for teens”.

“Shelter! Why there? I thought you were staying at your dad’s?”.

“Nah that ain’t work out to well. We got into this big argument and his nasty wife jumped in the middle of it and…”

That statement forced, Dobby from the comfort of her bed.

“Wait a minute! She did what!? What did she say?”.

“I can’t even remember what she said to me but she ended up telling me to leave and that’s just what I did. I left and did not look back”.

“Why did she even have something to say? Whatever disagreement there was, it was between you and you’re dad. Not her!”.

“That’s what I was saying”.

“…and your dad? What did he have to say?”.

“He practically said nothing to her. I didn’t even stick around to see if he said something later. I didn’t want to be there anyway because you already know the situation…”


“So as soon as she said to leave, I high tailed out of there so quick…..”

They both shared a laugh.

“mmm..mmh. You know that you ain’t gotta be in no shelter, Ang. You can stay here with us. You know my mom will do anything for you”.

“Yea I know, Dobby. But I really need this time to just do me, you know? I have to figure this thing called life out”.

“I understand. But I’m so scared for you, Ang. What if…..”

“No, Dobby. Don’t do that to me. I will be fine. You just have to trust me”.

It is never easy for, Dobby to let up so easily when it comes to her best friend. Especially since she lost her mother not to long ago. But she had to back, back and let her friend find her way.

“O.k, Ang. I will let you have this one. But you make sure to check in with me every single day! And don’t let a day go by without calling me. And which shelter anyway?”, Dobby wanted to know.

“Teens Advocate. The one located downtown-not that far from, Joey’s food joint”.

“oh o.k…as if that makes me feel any better. Are you sure you don’t want me and my mom to come and get you? Because you know we will”.

Angie giggles, “I’m sure, Dobby. I love you”.

Dobby sadly says, “I love you too, Ang”. then they hang up.

Dobby don’t like having to worry about people that are close to her. So when she starts to feel as if she is stressing or having an anxiety attack, the floor becomes her comforter. Dobby had a phone call to make.

Putting on the best happy face she could manage and the jolliest voice she could muster and says,

“Hello…Mr. Dunbar…..”

To Be Continued...


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