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Dear Abby-The Conclusion Continued Pt.6

“So…what do you have for me?”, he asked trying not to make eye contact.

Abby didn’t answer him right off. Instead, she asked him if it was alright if she could get a cup of water. Charlie happily obliged.

As, Charlie made his way to the kitchen, Abby took the time to scope out his living room. She went inside her big purse that she carried as a back pack, quickly put one glove on and retrieved a letter. She then silently opened the drawer to an end table and sat the letter inside then reversed what she did without the letter in hand. As if on queue, Charlie re-entered the room right when, Abby sat back down in the chair.

“Here you go young lady. I also added some ice”, Charlie says as he hands her the glass of water. Abby put the cup up to her mouth and pretended to take a small swig of it. As she did so, she never took her eyes off, Charlie.

“Now. What is it that I can help you with?”.

Again, Abby didn’t answer him right off. She asked if it was o.k. for her to use his bathroom.
“I’m sorry to keep bothering you and not telling you the reason why I’m here but, I really have to use the bathroom”, Abby innocently exclaimed as she sat her cup of water on the table next to her. Charlie didn’t see nothing wrong with it. He was once a teen himself so he gave her directions to his bathroom.

While, Abby was away, Charlie was still confused by the appearance of this girl that showed up at his door. It caused him to pace the floor. He had to have a drink to calm his nerves. After taking a sip or two, he put the glass back where it sat and seated himself on the other couch that sat across from the chair that, Abby sat. His nerves didn’t allow him to sit where he once was before.

As, Abby was making her way back to the living room where, Charlie was seated he heard her foot steps approaching him.
“You know, when I was young, our school use to do something similar to what you are doing now. Instead, we had to deliver newspapers”, he says loud enough for her to hear.
“Yea. I don’t see why they have us doing their work”, Abby says as she reaches the living room. She had a gun in hand. She never made it over to the chair in which she was once sitting and, Charlie wondered what she was doing behind his back so he then attempted to turn and face her to see what she was doing.

He was unable to turn his head fully around as he felt cold steal touching the back of his head.

Charlie froze. His heart started to pound and everything became silent.

“Now Mr. Harris…Charlie Harris”, Abby says adding emphasis to his name.
“What are you doing….?”
“Shut up!”, Abby yelled, “Does, Clarrissa Oakson ring a bell?”.

When he heard her name, it seemed as if his heart stopped pumping. He was so frozen that if he was to fall over, he for sure thought he’d shatter into pieces. It suddenly felt cold in the room. It was hard for him to breath. Of course he knew, Clarrissa. He stalked her for years. He knew her every move. Until that one faithful day, he had the balls to approach her.

Abby’s voice bring him back to reality.
“Yea…you know, Clarrissa. The woman you took advantage of . The woman life you took away and the trust!….My mother!!!”.
To hear this girl say that, Clarrissa was her mother, Struck a nerve in his heart that had already lost it’s life. He wondered how he didn’t notice when he opened his door to her. Especially seeing her eyes that no one had but him and his mother.
“Please…don’t do this”, Charlie pleaded, “I didn’t know that she had any kids…”
“She didn’t you sick fuck!…until you thought it was o.k. to impregnate her”.
Charlie’s soul had left his body. He was no longer present. He was having an out of body experience. Then he spoke.
“Don’t do this. What would your mother say?…we can…”

For him to mention anything about her mother pissed her off more than she already was. Rage. Abby was in deep, rage. She then lift her arm and slashed him on the back of his head with the handle of the gun.
“DON’T YOU EVER SPEAK OF MY MOTHER AGAIN! Did it matter what my mother would think when you took advantage of her!?”. Charlie didn’t answer. He was to much in fear to give an answer.
“DID YOU!!!!!”, Abby screamed at the top of her lungs not necessarily wanting an answer from him.
“My mother is DEAD!!!”, she screamed with every fiber of her heart. Each ounce of pain she felt knowing that she would never get to hug her mother again, “DO YOU HEAR ME! DEAD!! Because of your slimy ass!”

Abby then mustered up a chuckle then spit on the floor next to her. She couldn’t believe that this was her father.

“I’m a child…that was conceived through RAPE! And you…you are the slim that created me!”, Abby shook her head. If her mother was not here because of this bastard then why should he live?!
Tears started to form in, Abby’s eyes then she said in a mere whisper, “You took my mother away from me”. The tears fell from her eyes. Her hand started to tremble.
“I’m sorry…we can…we can work through this….”
“Shut up!!!”, her voice cracked Then, Abby pulled the trigger. Not once but three times. Making sure that there was no more life left inside of, Charlie.

Abby stood there holding the gun in her hands. Tears coming down her face uncontrollably. She was lost for a minute before she came back to the hear and now. She started to gather things and put them in their perspective place. She took a pair of gloves from her big purse and slid them on. She dug deeper into her purse and retrieved another letter and sat it on the coffee table under the glass that, Charlie was drinking from. She then took the gun and whipped it down with a towel she got from her purse. She made sure to not touch the area of the gun that held gunpowder.

She then headed over to, Charlie’s lifeless body and placed the gun in his hand as she whipped some of the residue from the gun onto his hand. She grabbed the water cup that she pretended to drink from, went to the kitchen and carefully poured the water down the drain. She returned to the living room and shoved the cup into her purse. She then took the towel, that she was still holding in her hand and whipped down the table she got her cup from.

After she was done setting the scene to make it look as if, Charlie committed suicide and couldn’t live no more because of guilt eating him up, Abby gathered her things and left the house. Making sure no one seen her.

As, William returned home from work, he stopped in mid step and seen his daughter sitting on the floor. Not her self. Tears coming from her eyes. William said nothing but dropped his briefcase by the couch and went over and held his daughter tight. When, Abby was young and she learned of what happened to her mother, she once confided in, William that if she found, Charlie…she was going to kill him. William never really took it seriously that one time she said it to him. William took it as her being young and not really understanding what she’s saying. He thought that if he raised her right with…little to no worries at all, she would be fine and some day forget she ever said that to him. Never in a million years would he have thought, Abby, his little angel… would actually do it.

He just held her tight. She held him tight. Abby then started to cry uncontrollably.

I had fun creating this story....stress and all LOL! But I have to give credit where credit is due!

I have to thank the lovely creators @ SU for making such gorgeous sims and lots. It helped me a lot in pulling this story together. So without further ranting on and on I'd like to thank:

Bonnafide for her gorgeous sim Niveah whom played the nurse in this story.

Cinamun For her handsome sim who is part of the CEO Collection Who played Detective Randolph and the other sim that played the doctor.

Mocha for her lovely lots where William and Abby resided: 1622 Erbine Street and Charlie resided: Pelham Townhomes

Shezeve for her beautiful sim Katarina Who played detective, Randolph's secretary.

You can find all them lovely creator's @

And MTS for the lot that, Clarrissa resided in and for the police station and restaurants that was used in this story. I feel so bad because I don't have the links to some of the lots :( I thought I put them in my favs on MTS but once looking....I didn't :( But I do give credit for they're wonderful creations as well :) And all the CC creators! :)


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