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Dear Abby-The Conclusion Pt.6

The Conclusion

11 Years Later… September 17th 2011(Part 6)

As, Abby got done reading the diary that her mother wrote, she closed it with care. She didn’t know how she wanted to feel but she knew what she wanted to do. She delicately placed the book on a book shelf that sat in the corner of her room and headed over to her computer. Even though she was suppose to have been in the bed two hours ago, she couldn’t stop reading her mothers diary. That was the only thing she had of her mothers, besides a picture and the last thing her mother touched.

She turned on the computer and welcomed the bright light it provided when it was powered up. She beginned to search. Abby’s search was coming to a dead end when she searched for, Charlie Harris. He could be anybody. But she did not give up. She wanted to meet the man that changed her mothers life. The online white pages had over one hundred men by the name of, Charlie Harris and was more than fifty pages long. Abby didn’t have the time to check all the pages attached to that one name. She decided to give up and try again tomorrow. But before shutting her computer back down, she had to check her Facebook page, update her status and see what other people were talking about.

She cringed at the personal details people were so willing to share online. She would share things but never nothing too personal. After seeing that there was nothing else to be checking for on, Facebook, she signed out of her account. But before closing the window, she thought to give, Face book a try in searching for, Charlie Harris. She never met the man a day in her life but had a picture painted in her head of how he looked from the way, her mother described him. And not to mention, she might resemble this stranger…so she thought.

After logging back into her account and entering his name in the search bar, a lot of Charlie’s popped up. She scrolled down the page. She also thought of how she hated the way, Facebook was changing up on her. Then right when she started to yarn, indicating her fight to stay awake, she seen him.

Charlie. The same eyes her mother described which were the same eyes as hers. The same smile in which, Abby had when she’d take goofy picture’s to post on face book. She couldn’t believe that she found him. That’s when she was suddenly grateful for the technology of the internet. You were able to find anybody! She hurried and clicked on his info.

There, it had his location and everything he did or was into. He had his e-mail visible to the public and both, cell and house number, ‘What an idiot’ Abby thought to herself. She jotted down the info she was looking for and reluctantly signed back out of her account and shut her computer down.

The following day, Abby joined the father she has ever known at the kitchen table for breakfast. She looked forward to her mornings with, William before school as they would talk about everything and anything that had to do with her mother. Even though William has only been with, Clarrissa for 2 in a half years of their life, he knew her pretty well. He would tell, Abby how sweet her mother was and how crazy she was about her and her mothers scent. He’ll tell, Abby how, Clarrissa would sing to her during bed time and how she’d read her stories. He missed, Clarrissa more than anything in the world and his daughter…her daughter, Abby was all he had left of her.

“So…how did you sleep?”, William asked, Abby. He asked her that every waking morning of his and her life.

“I slept good”, Abby says with intensity trying to cover the tiredness in her voice from staying up pass her bedtime the night before.
“How about you, daddy? How did you sleep?”, she asked.

“I slept good. I had a dream last night…”.

Abby’s eyes lite up because she loved hearing about the dreams her daddy would have. Even though she was sixteen years old, she would never stop loving the princess dreams he’d tell her.
“I dreamed that you were this wonderful doctor…the best doctor there was to be exact. And ah…you were called in for an emergency!”, he said with glee, “This guy that needed the help was mean and rude saying, ‘I don’t want her help! I don’t need anybodies help’…the guy was really rude…”

Abby paid close attention to the story her dad was telling. She knew that it always had a happy ending of some sorts.

William continues, “So he’s yelling and screaming and throwing stuff. Then suddenly, there was this bright light…the prettiest, shiniest, bright light I have ever seen and you walked over to him and smiled. You were so calm and patient with this guy no matter how nasty he was. You put your hand on his shoulder and said, ‘sir please, let me help you. I promise that you will feel a whole lot better afterwards’. I don’t know what it was but it was something about you that made him feel calm and relaxed. You helped that man-and that man said that you were his angel…sent down from heaven”.

Abby smiled, “Aww, daddy! You are my angel too!”. No matter how corny his stories may have sounded, it made, Abby happy and it made her blush. That was his job; to keep, Abby happy. They finished up their breakfast and Abby hugged her dad before she went off to school. Before she left out, she turned to him and says..

“Daddy you are the light of my life that makes me calm too”. Then she smiled and walked out the door. William smiled in return because he knew that, Abby would catch on to what the meaning of his story indicated.

Instead of, Abby waiting on the corner for her bus to pick her up, she went in the opposite direction to catch the city bus around the corner from her house. She had other plans this early morning.

When the bus arrived, Abby boarded the bus, paid her way on and took a seat in the front of the bus. She had to keep an look out for the name of the streets and to make sure she didn’t miss her stop.

Once reaching her destination, she had to walk a couple of blocks to reach the address she was looking for. Abby had not one ounce of nervousness in her as she walked as if she was familiar with the block.

Once reaching the address, she stood out front and took a deep breath. For whatever reason, she felt that it might be best to turn around and go on to school but her body wouldn’t move.

She looked at the outside of the house and how well the landscaping looked. Then her eyes fell heavy on the door that she would soon knock on. Suddenly her curiosity got the best of her and her heart pounded fearlessly as she started to take medium size steps toward the front door.

Once, Abby reached the exterior of the house, she knocked on the door instead of using the door bell. She stood still as she tried to listen for any type of movement from inside of the house. She heard nothing. She knocked harder. And waited. The wait seemed as if it was forever. Then there was movement.

Footsteps coming from inside of the house. Then a mans voice telling her to hold her horses. Then the door flung open.

There he was. The man she has never met. The man that took advantage of her mother. The man that took her mothers life and made her feel empty inside. The man…that she has learned to hate.

Charlie stood on the other side of the door and looked at this teenager up and down. He had lost a bit of air as his eyes settled in on hers. He cleared his throat then smiled. The same smile that, Abby has and asked her, “How may I help you?”.

Abby put on the biggest, fakest smile she could manage and said,
“Hi. I’m, Abby and my school is doing a fund raiser for kids like me to get our scholarship for college and if I could have just a minute of your time…sir, I’d really appreciate it”.
Charlie’s smile never left his face, “Sure! I’m always willing to help. Step right in”. Abby did not hesitate not once. She stepped inside of the nicely decorated house and looked around.

“Nice place you have here, sir”.
“Oh please…call me, Charlie”.
The name alone made her flesh crawl.

Abby cautiously followed him into the living room.

Before he could tell her to have a seat, Abby had already made herself comfortable. There was alcohol bottles sitting on the coffee table and a full glass of …something that looked like he was just going in for another refill. Charlie then made himself comfortable on the couch that accompanied the chair, Abby was sitting in. He rubbed his hands together. Abby watched him, studying his every move. Charlie cracked another big smile. Abby studied his smile. It was so much like hers. Then he leaned in and spoke,

To Be Continued...


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