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Dear Abby Continued...Pt.4

“But then, after getting back in touch with my dad”, William said as his face was covered with sadness and confusion, and his voice was strained a little, he continues, “I lost my dad in a car crash 2 years after me finding him”. Then there was a minute of silence before, William spoke again. “You know, I never understood how a person’s heart could love someone so hard and so much! and then they are taking away from you within a blink of an eye”. I understood what he meant because I lost my mother. So I was able to identify with that pain.

The other pain that I’ve caused others…will never be identified because no one knew the pain I’ve encountered and the pain I have to forever live with. If I could take a lot of things back…the things that took place in my life for the last 8 months-I would. But I can’t.

William’s face suddenly lite up, “Man! What is taking this waitress so long with our food! A brotha is starving!”. I cracked a smile and was also agreeing with him. I was starving too and the baby was kicking like crazy.

Our food had finally arrived and William and I wasted no time diving into our plates. We joked and laughed while eating.

Even took the time to feed each other some food from our plates. This has to be the best time I have had in a long time.

And I was also falling hard for, William.

“Welp. We got another murder on our hands. What is this? Body number 7?”, Detective Randolph said to his partner.
“Yup and they all have the same trait”.
“What do you mean?”.
“Well first off, they are all male. Each of these men have something in common: Tormented faces, fingers…no identification….”, Detective, Walker confesses.
“So are you saying that it’s only one person committing these murders?”.
“That’s what it looks like sir. Also seems like it‘s a woman who could possibly be connected to these men”.

The detectives were interrupted by a police officer.
“Excuse me, detectives. We have a name for the guy that was found in the dumpster over on, Bellaville Rd. His name was, Jeffrey Galsin and he was dating a woman by the name of, Clarrissa Oakson around the time of his disappearance“.
“Has she been taking in for questioning?”, Detective, Randolph asked.
“She wasn’t taking in for questioning but a couple of our men have already been to her house. That was a dead end”.
“Got anything else?”, Detective, Randolph wanted to know.
“Not really…but we’re taking a really close look at this case and the others“.
“Yea well, hopefully we will find our culprit of these dead bodies that are showing up left and right”.

The officer lightly nodded his head to excuse himself and walked away to where the coroner was standing and taking pictures.


Detective, Randolph was doing some work on the computer, trying to look up any information on, Clarrissa Oakson. He had a feeling that she knew more than what she was leading them on to believe. There was nothing to be found but the local information that was already listed about her. She had no background criminal history and barely any delinquent credit.

As Detective, Randolph buried himself into the computer…a officer by the name of, Tonnick approached him with papers in his hand.

“We got another body, Detective“, He says as he drops the papers firmly on his desk, “..Over on North Danver. The victim is, Anthony Staunder; married man, about 6 foot tall; resided at 4545 Rodchester Cr. Wife haven’t seen him since, Friday May 16th”.
Detective, Randolph couldn’t understand what was going on and how their small town became a personal graveyard. He wanted so bad to crack these cases and bring the murderer to justice.

He shut his computer down, called for his partner and headed off to the crime scene.

One week later, Detective Randolph received some paper work from the autopsy that was did on the last victim, Anthony “Tony” Staunder. There was blood found under his nails in which it did not belong to him. Randolph was confident that he was for sure going to find his killer.


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