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Dear Abby Continued...Pt.3

“Yea, did someone just call, Tony?”.
“Hi, Tony! It ain’t been that long has it? You didn’t recognize the number?”.
He must have been double checking because he became silent and I was able to hear some fumbling going on in the background.

“Oh, Clarrissa! How are you?”.
I don’t know if I was happy on the inside because he remembered who I was…or the fact that I had a date with a guy that is clearly married. I hated when people cheated.

“Yup, it’s me. How you been, Tony?”.
“Well I’m doing good, now since I’m talking to you”.
So talking to his wife wasn’t enough. I just knew that he was full of it. Too bad he didn’t have a clue that I knew what he was all about. Lynette did not deserve to be treated the way he’s treating her. Lynette was Tony’s wife. I never put my mind up to do something and not know who I’m dealing with. It took a lot of snooping around to do with the little technology they have out. But I got down to the bottom of finding out who, Tony really was…just in case he tried to lie.
“I want to apologize for standing you up the other night-work got in the way and…”

“Oh not a problem. I understand. So how is work looking for you now? Can we reschedule our little date?”, Tony asked.
Exactly what I was hoping.
“Sure. What is a good time for you”.
There was no need in asking that question because I already knew that he had, Saturdays and Sundays off. I just wanted to see if he’d lie”.
“Well how does, Saturday look for you?”.
“My, Saturday is all open”.

“Well…we got a date! Lets say I pick you up around…..8ish?”.
“7ish! and I’ll meet you at the park”.
I picked the time. I do not work around no mans schedule.
“Why the park? I was thinking that maybe you could cook for me…dance maybe…?”.

I can sense that, Tony had a big goofy smile on his face. And where did he get some cooking from?! I don’t cook for no one that I don’t plan on seeing after one date.
“How about you take me out to eat and maybe I’ll dance with you? We are already starting off on a bad start don’t you think?”.
“Oh wow, make me out to be the bad guy…”
“Well…a man is suppose to take a woman out right?…I mean after all, you did ask me out on a date”.
He got silent as if he was distracted by something or someone. Then he put his attention back on me.
“So the plan is set. I’ll see you at 7’oclock-no later”.
Then we said our goodbyes and hung up. I knew that his distraction was, Lynette.

May 14th 1995</>

I was running late for work this early morning. There was a lot of traffic on the streets and a lot of police sirens ringing off in the distance. As I entered the building where I worked, I stopped at the front desk to grab some mail and then headed off to my cubicle.

As soon as I turned the corner, there goes my cubicle mate, Sally meeting me half way, chewing on that gum as if it was going to escape from her mouth.
“You’re late”.
I kept walking and rolled my eyes to the ceiling.

“You must’ve got some last night”.
And if I did, it was none of your business! I was almost at my cubicle and she was right behind me like a dog on a criminal.
“Aren’t you suppose to be working?”, I said feeling agitated.
“I’m on break”.
I glanced at the clock and she was only here for thirty minutes.

“So anyway, did you hear about the other guy they found dead over by the pond on LakeField Road?”.
“No I didn’t. Now if you don’t mind……I have work to catch up on”. I had finally reached my cubicle.
“Well all I want to say is; be careful because I know that you’re not too far from that area”.
“Thanks for your concerns”, I said to her with a wave of my hand. She popped and snapped that gum and smacked her lips and finally walked away. All I did was shake my head.

After Sally telling me about the other body that was found, I had to look for the story myself just to see what they were saying and if they had any leads.

May 16th 1995

This date was going a little too good between Tony and I. We went to the art museum and I came to find out that, Tony was pretty smart. He put his arm over my shoulder as he described to me what each artist was saying in their paintings. I also started to wonder if he treated his wife the same way when he wasn't abusing her. You know, things like; Did they still go out on dates and if he put his arm around her shoulder or if he held her hand while they were out in public like he did with me. Did he look into her eyes and smile and say something nice to her like he did with me when we were out. I was wondering a lot of stuff. Now we are at this restaurant having a candle lit dinner. If there wasn’t other things on my mind and Tony being a married man…I would say that Tony would have been a perfect match.

“So,” Tony says to me as he leans back in his chair and cross his arms, “Tell me more about yourself”.
“Like what? I thought I told you everything about me”.
“Well you didn’t tell me where your from and how you were as a kid”.
“Oooh o.k, you want me to get a little personal?”.
“If that’s what you want to call it”.

I readjusted myself in my seat and beginned to tell him what he wanted to know.
“Well….. I was an only child who was adored by my uncles. I never really got my way with anything. My mother use to always tell me that if there was certain things I wanted to get or do, I’d have to earn them on my own because she was not going to be around forever to do things for me. So I was working at 5 years old…”

“Wow working at 5!?”.
“Yup. It wasn’t big work though. Little things like helping my grandmother around the house like; folding clothes, doing dishes and vacuuming the floors. I would get paid for doing that”.
Tony nodded is head in agreement, “So you’ve been independent for a long time”.
“Yup. And I’m glad my mother raised me that way because now…whatever I want I can get”.
“Is that right”, Tony says.

“Yup. I got you right now…don’t I?”.
He let those bright teeth show from blushing so hard then says, “I guess so”. Now it was my turn to ask him something about his self.
“So, Mr. Tony, tell me something”.
“What do you want to know?”.
Did he really want me to randomly pick a question for him?!
“How come such a fine man like yourself, single?”.
I couldn’t wait to hear what he was going to say.
“I let my work get in the way…”
“There is one thing I learned from woman and that one thing is; over time from work means time for cheating”.
“Oh really”, I said with a chuckle because I couldn’t believe what just escaped from his mouth. I didn’t want to hear nothing else from his mouth because I knew that each word was a lie. I took a look at my watch and realized that it was getting later and later. It was time to end this date with, Tony…or rather end this date and on to the next.
“So what do you say, we go to my house and end the night listening to some smooth jazz?”.

Tony smiled, “You listen to jazz?”
“I love jazz!”.
“Me too! that’s almost all I listen to”.
Yea. I know. Bait thrown and caught.

The tension was hot in my living room. As soon as I was able to unlock my door, Jazz had flew beyond our heads and decided to heat things up by letting our lips become one with each other. Tony kissed me so good that…if he wasn’t married or abused women, he was for sure my man and he knew exactly what I wanted. While in the middle of kissing, I tripped over something and landed on the couch with, Tony falling right on top of me. We made out even more and kissed each other harder. I was feeling as if I wanted to rip his clothes off and just have at him but that wasn’t my main focus. My focus was to stop the pain of others and keeping his mind focused on me at this present moment is what my goal was going to be.

We’re kissing passionately. He’s going under my shirt to caress and massage my breast. I gently grab for his hand and placed them on my butt. I used my right hand to slowly dig under the couch pillow while I still massaged and rubbed his head while passionately kissing him. I’m feeling around under the pillow until I felt the top of my knife that I kept hidden under my couch pillow. Then I said,
“Wait a minute baby. We can’t do this”.
Tony was breathing hard as if he just got done running a marathon. He said to me in a raspy, dry voice,
“Why not? What’s wrong?”.
I looked him in the eyes then grinned, “What will you’re wife say?”.

He didn’t want to show the truth that said he was married. His eyes had gotten a tad bit bigger then swallowed and said, “Wife? I’m not married”.
My smile became wider as I rolled my eyes to the ceiling and continued to make eye contact with him and said, “Lynette. That’s her name right? Lynette”.
He had nothing to say. His breathing became steady and he no longer had his bedroom eyes. I must have scared him because I felt his body jerk as his wife name came from my mouth. He didn’t say nothing but dropped his head as if he was ashamed of his self at that moment. I almost felt sorry for him but why should I? he was doing wrong…not me! I wanted him to look at me. Look at me so that I can read him…try to figure out what he was thinking and what he was feeling. But he remained silent. Then his head raised back up as he looked back into my eyes.

He was hard to read. There was something about his facial expression that sort of scared me.
“Look…Clarrissa. I don’t have a wife and I don’t know who the hell, Lynette is”.
Still lying. Then he started to kiss me on my neck and sucking on my neck. I didn’t like the way he was sucking on my neck and the way his body started to get heavy on top of mines. I tried to push him off and tell him to stop. But he was not trying to hear me. My hand wrapped around the knife even tighter. Ready to pull it from under the pillow and treat this dude as if he was an cat fish being prepped to fry. Still using one hand, I tried to push him off of me.

“C’mon, Clarrissa. I know your not going to lead me on this way”.
He then grabbed for my leg to open them wider. I had a skirt on and I heard it rip. This fool was going to try and rape me. He then started to yank on my underwear while he used his right hand to unbutton his pants to pull them down. That’s when I pulled my knife from under the pillow and stabbed him right in his side. He yelled in pain.
“What the fuck!”, He managed to grunt out. He then haled off and smacked me! I stabbed him again but I didn’t know where. By this time, my mind was rushing. I was tasting blood…his blood.

He leaned over this time holding his wounded body and fell to the floor. I was able to get up from the couch. I looked at him as he cried out in pain. I wiped my mouth and looked around my living room as if someone else was going to come charging in at me. I had drips of blood on my clothes. That was nothing. I could wash them later. He was still holding his wounded body. Breathing hard. His face let me know that he was in deep pain. He then looked up at me. I continued to look down at him, not taking my eyes off him. I started to tremble. Tremble in my own fear.

“You sick bitch! What you do that for?!”.
Did he really want a answer from me? I had to do something. If he lived, he’d for sure go to the police and I wasn’t going to let that happen. I needed my gun. As I turned around to go off to my bedroom, Tony attacked me from behind. I hit the floor hard and the knife was knocked out of my hand and slid across the floor. Fuck!
I was trying my hardest to get him off of me.

He rolled me over and started to chock me. Even though he was in pain, he was still strong. He was grunting words to me that I couldn’t understand. But one thing for sure…I knew he wanted to kill me. I then kneed him in his groins. He crouched over but it wasn’t good enough. As soon as I thought I’d get away, he grabbed a hold of my foot and made his way on top of me again and then punched me in the face as if I was a man. I have to admit that I’ve never been punched in the face before and that shit hurt! I wanted to scream really loud in hopes of someone hearing me and calling the cops. But then thought about the questioning and me being held for stabbing this fool.

I had to continue to fight back so I started to scratch him. I didn’t care where, I just wanted him off of me. I then punched him in the nose. It made him weak. I started to inch my way to the knife. His body weight was slowing me down tremendously. I was getting closer. He was trying his hardest to stop me but not hard enough. I was now able to feel the knife with my finger tips. He started to pound on my left leg. I used the right leg to kick him right in the face. The knife was now back in my hand. I gripped it tight then turned around and stabbed him in his shoulder.

He rolled on his back. Breathing hard and looking as if he should have just called the date off. I lifted my arm again and continued to stab him.


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