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Dear Abby Pt.3

The Following morning, Monday-May 11th, 1995 (Part 3)

I woke up with the sun beaming in my face. The smell of fried eggs and bacon was floating in the air. I remember talking to someone last night and having a few drinks. But did I bring him home with me? Did we have sex? Did he…..rape me? He couldn’t have raped me because he’s still here.

I hurried out of bed, wearing the same clothes as the night before and tiptoed to my dresser that held my gun inside. I had to see who I’d let in my house! The only way I was able to access my kitchen-besides going down the stairs, was through my bedroom balcony. I always left my living room door unlock in case of an emergency.

When I silently entered the living room door heading toward the kitchen, With my gun in hand, my pace slowed down. I could hear a man humming a tune and then singing the lyrics to a song. I must have opened my legs to him if he was in my kitchen cooking and singing. That’s the only time a man would be in such a good mood.

He must have felt my presence entering the kitchen because he turned to face me with the food in his hand and says,
“Good morning beautiful. Breakfast?”.

This guy must be nuts. He was in my kitchen as if he knew it all too well.
“What are you doing here? And why are you cooking breakfast in my kitchen”.
He laid out the food and smiled.

“Well first of all; you invited me here. And second of all, you looked hungry”.
I looked hungry…while I was sleeping? This guy must be crazy. I had to find out if we did anything. The food was smelling good and I was hungry so I sat my gun lightly on the new end table I invested in that sat outside of the kitchen and I went and sat down at the table. Once he was seated I had to ask...

“Did we uh…….” as if he knew, he answered for me.
“Have sex?”. He chuckled. Me on the other hand did not find anything to chuckle about.
“No, we didn’t have sex. We laid up together and just cuddled through the night”.
And he made it to the next day?! It must be something about this guy or either I’m slipping.
“And your wife and child are not worried?”.
He chuckled once again. Me on the other hand didn’t see nothing to chuckle about.

“Wife?…..child?…I have no kids, Miss Clarrissa and don’t have a wife. I’ve never been married”. He took a bite of his food. He was just too comfortable. The food looked yummy but I refused to eat it. What if he put something in it. I made a note to myself to not ever get that drunk again. And I had to remember what happened last night. I was hoping that he said his name or mentioned something hinting to what his name would be. The conversation was hitting to nothing with his name in it so I had to ask.

“What is your name again?”. This dude chuckled again! And again, I seen nothing funny.
“You really don’t know my name?”.
“Look, I had one too many last night. No I don’t remember your name-as embarrassing as it is”.
“My name is William. William Cox. You want to see my I.D?”.
“As a matter of fact…I do”. He shook his head as if it was a shame. It was completely normal for me. If anything happened, I’d know not only his name, but where he lived as well. He pulled out his I.D picture and I looked it over. His name was William Cox and he lived at 7845 Wilmorebridge RD apt 7B. I could never be too sure after what happened to me before. I must have been really lucky running into this guy because if he was someone else, he would have took full advantage of me while I was drunk. And I must say that he was also lucky. So there must be something about him that I can’t remember right now. That’s why it’s so important for me to rephrase my night. After talking to, William for a little while longer, I had to tell him that I had to be getting ready for work so that he could leave.

After he left, I went to check my answering machine.
“Message 1, left yesterday at 9:35p.m, “Hey…Clarrissa, this is, Tony. I’m at the mall waiting for you. I hope you didn’t stand me up-I’m here call me as soon as you get this”.
Tony! Damn! I had a date with him. I also had five other messages after that and I knew it was him so I didn’t bother to listen to them. William was not the only lucky body last night. He also saved another mans life. I decided to call, Tony after I showered. We needed to reschedule our date.

After I was done showering I gave, Tony a call. The first time it went straight to his voice mail. I wanted to call him back but didn’t want to look as if I was pressed in meeting up with him. I placed the phone back on it’s cradle and was heading off to the kitchen to grab me something to eat until my phone ranged and startled me. I quickly retraced my steps to answer the phone.

To Be Continued...


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