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Three To Five "BabyMamas" Don Lothario Been Busy.


Mr. Don Lothario has been a very busy man. The confusion on his face says it all. But hey...what is there to be confused about when he knew that he was hoe hopping?! This is only three of them. The other two has yet to reveal themself.

Dear Abby-The Conclusion Continued Pt.6

“So…what do you have for me?”, he asked trying not to make eye contact.

Abby didn’t answer him right off. Instead, she asked him if it was alright if she could get a cup of water. Charlie happily obliged.

As, Charlie made his way to the kitchen, Abby took the time to scope out his living room. She went inside her big purse that she carried as a back pack, quickly put one glove on and retrieved a letter. She then silently opened the drawer to an end table and sat the letter inside then reversed what she did without the letter in hand. As if on queue, Charlie re-entered the room right when, Abby sat back down in the chair.

“Here you go young lady. I also added some ice”, Charlie says as he hands her the glass of water. Abby put the cup up to her mouth and pretended to take a small swig of it. As she did so, she never took her eyes off, Charlie.

“Now. What is it that I can help you with?”.

Again, Abby didn’t answer him right off. She asked if it was o.k. for her to use his bathroom.
“I’m sorry to keep bothering you and not telling you the reason why I’m here but, I really have to use the bathroom”, Abby innocently exclaimed as she sat her cup of water on the table next to her. Charlie didn’t see nothing wrong with it. He was once a teen himself so he gave her directions to his bathroom.

While, Abby was away, Charlie was still confused by the appearance of this girl that showed up at his door. It caused him to pace the floor. He had to have a drink to calm his nerves. After taking a sip or two, he put the glass back where it sat and seated himself on the other couch that sat across from the chair that, Abby sat. His nerves didn’t allow him to sit where he once was before.

As, Abby was making her way back to the living room where, Charlie was seated he heard her foot steps approaching him.
“You know, when I was young, our school use to do something similar to what you are doing now. Instead, we had to deliver newspapers”, he says loud enough for her to hear.
“Yea. I don’t see why they have us doing their work”, Abby says as she reaches the living room. She had a gun in hand. She never made it over to the chair in which she was once sitting and, Charlie wondered what she was doing behind his back so he then attempted to turn and face her to see what she was doing.

He was unable to turn his head fully around as he felt cold steal touching the back of his head.

Charlie froze. His heart started to pound and everything became silent.

“Now Mr. Harris…Charlie Harris”, Abby says adding emphasis to his name.
“What are you doing….?”
“Shut up!”, Abby yelled, “Does, Clarrissa Oakson ring a bell?”.

When he heard her name, it seemed as if his heart stopped pumping. He was so frozen that if he was to fall over, he for sure thought he’d shatter into pieces. It suddenly felt cold in the room. It was hard for him to breath. Of course he knew, Clarrissa. He stalked her for years. He knew her every move. Until that one faithful day, he had the balls to approach her.

Abby’s voice bring him back to reality.
“Yea…you know, Clarrissa. The woman you took advantage of . The woman life you took away and the trust!….My mother!!!”.
To hear this girl say that, Clarrissa was her mother, Struck a nerve in his heart that had already lost it’s life. He wondered how he didn’t notice when he opened his door to her. Especially seeing her eyes that no one had but him and his mother.
“Please…don’t do this”, Charlie pleaded, “I didn’t know that she had any kids…”
“She didn’t you sick fuck!…until you thought it was o.k. to impregnate her”.
Charlie’s soul had left his body. He was no longer present. He was having an out of body experience. Then he spoke.
“Don’t do this. What would your mother say?…we can…”

For him to mention anything about her mother pissed her off more than she already was. Rage. Abby was in deep, rage. She then lift her arm and slashed him on the back of his head with the handle of the gun.
“DON’T YOU EVER SPEAK OF MY MOTHER AGAIN! Did it matter what my mother would think when you took advantage of her!?”. Charlie didn’t answer. He was to much in fear to give an answer.
“DID YOU!!!!!”, Abby screamed at the top of her lungs not necessarily wanting an answer from him.
“My mother is DEAD!!!”, she screamed with every fiber of her heart. Each ounce of pain she felt knowing that she would never get to hug her mother again, “DO YOU HEAR ME! DEAD!! Because of your slimy ass!”

Abby then mustered up a chuckle then spit on the floor next to her. She couldn’t believe that this was her father.

“I’m a child…that was conceived through RAPE! And you…you are the slim that created me!”, Abby shook her head. If her mother was not here because of this bastard then why should he live?!
Tears started to form in, Abby’s eyes then she said in a mere whisper, “You took my mother away from me”. The tears fell from her eyes. Her hand started to tremble.
“I’m sorry…we can…we can work through this….”
“Shut up!!!”, her voice cracked Then, Abby pulled the trigger. Not once but three times. Making sure that there was no more life left inside of, Charlie.

Abby stood there holding the gun in her hands. Tears coming down her face uncontrollably. She was lost for a minute before she came back to the hear and now. She started to gather things and put them in their perspective place. She took a pair of gloves from her big purse and slid them on. She dug deeper into her purse and retrieved another letter and sat it on the coffee table under the glass that, Charlie was drinking from. She then took the gun and whipped it down with a towel she got from her purse. She made sure to not touch the area of the gun that held gunpowder.

She then headed over to, Charlie’s lifeless body and placed the gun in his hand as she whipped some of the residue from the gun onto his hand. She grabbed the water cup that she pretended to drink from, went to the kitchen and carefully poured the water down the drain. She returned to the living room and shoved the cup into her purse. She then took the towel, that she was still holding in her hand and whipped down the table she got her cup from.

After she was done setting the scene to make it look as if, Charlie committed suicide and couldn’t live no more because of guilt eating him up, Abby gathered her things and left the house. Making sure no one seen her.

As, William returned home from work, he stopped in mid step and seen his daughter sitting on the floor. Not her self. Tears coming from her eyes. William said nothing but dropped his briefcase by the couch and went over and held his daughter tight. When, Abby was young and she learned of what happened to her mother, she once confided in, William that if she found, Charlie…she was going to kill him. William never really took it seriously that one time she said it to him. William took it as her being young and not really understanding what she’s saying. He thought that if he raised her right with…little to no worries at all, she would be fine and some day forget she ever said that to him. Never in a million years would he have thought, Abby, his little angel… would actually do it.

He just held her tight. She held him tight. Abby then started to cry uncontrollably.

I had fun creating this story....stress and all LOL! But I have to give credit where credit is due!

I have to thank the lovely creators @ SU for making such gorgeous sims and lots. It helped me a lot in pulling this story together. So without further ranting on and on I'd like to thank:

Bonnafide for her gorgeous sim Niveah whom played the nurse in this story.

Cinamun For her handsome sim who is part of the CEO Collection Who played Detective Randolph and the other sim that played the doctor.

Mocha for her lovely lots where William and Abby resided: 1622 Erbine Street and Charlie resided: Pelham Townhomes

Shezeve for her beautiful sim Katarina Who played detective, Randolph's secretary.

You can find all them lovely creator's @

And MTS for the lot that, Clarrissa resided in and for the police station and restaurants that was used in this story. I feel so bad because I don't have the links to some of the lots :( I thought I put them in my favs on MTS but once looking....I didn't :( But I do give credit for they're wonderful creations as well :) And all the CC creators! :)

Dear Abby-The Conclusion Pt.6

The Conclusion

11 Years Later… September 17th 2011(Part 6)

As, Abby got done reading the diary that her mother wrote, she closed it with care. She didn’t know how she wanted to feel but she knew what she wanted to do. She delicately placed the book on a book shelf that sat in the corner of her room and headed over to her computer. Even though she was suppose to have been in the bed two hours ago, she couldn’t stop reading her mothers diary. That was the only thing she had of her mothers, besides a picture and the last thing her mother touched.

She turned on the computer and welcomed the bright light it provided when it was powered up. She beginned to search. Abby’s search was coming to a dead end when she searched for, Charlie Harris. He could be anybody. But she did not give up. She wanted to meet the man that changed her mothers life. The online white pages had over one hundred men by the name of, Charlie Harris and was more than fifty pages long. Abby didn’t have the time to check all the pages attached to that one name. She decided to give up and try again tomorrow. But before shutting her computer back down, she had to check her Facebook page, update her status and see what other people were talking about.

She cringed at the personal details people were so willing to share online. She would share things but never nothing too personal. After seeing that there was nothing else to be checking for on, Facebook, she signed out of her account. But before closing the window, she thought to give, Face book a try in searching for, Charlie Harris. She never met the man a day in her life but had a picture painted in her head of how he looked from the way, her mother described him. And not to mention, she might resemble this stranger…so she thought.

After logging back into her account and entering his name in the search bar, a lot of Charlie’s popped up. She scrolled down the page. She also thought of how she hated the way, Facebook was changing up on her. Then right when she started to yarn, indicating her fight to stay awake, she seen him.

Charlie. The same eyes her mother described which were the same eyes as hers. The same smile in which, Abby had when she’d take goofy picture’s to post on face book. She couldn’t believe that she found him. That’s when she was suddenly grateful for the technology of the internet. You were able to find anybody! She hurried and clicked on his info.

There, it had his location and everything he did or was into. He had his e-mail visible to the public and both, cell and house number, ‘What an idiot’ Abby thought to herself. She jotted down the info she was looking for and reluctantly signed back out of her account and shut her computer down.

The following day, Abby joined the father she has ever known at the kitchen table for breakfast. She looked forward to her mornings with, William before school as they would talk about everything and anything that had to do with her mother. Even though William has only been with, Clarrissa for 2 in a half years of their life, he knew her pretty well. He would tell, Abby how sweet her mother was and how crazy she was about her and her mothers scent. He’ll tell, Abby how, Clarrissa would sing to her during bed time and how she’d read her stories. He missed, Clarrissa more than anything in the world and his daughter…her daughter, Abby was all he had left of her.

“So…how did you sleep?”, William asked, Abby. He asked her that every waking morning of his and her life.

“I slept good”, Abby says with intensity trying to cover the tiredness in her voice from staying up pass her bedtime the night before.
“How about you, daddy? How did you sleep?”, she asked.

“I slept good. I had a dream last night…”.

Abby’s eyes lite up because she loved hearing about the dreams her daddy would have. Even though she was sixteen years old, she would never stop loving the princess dreams he’d tell her.
“I dreamed that you were this wonderful doctor…the best doctor there was to be exact. And ah…you were called in for an emergency!”, he said with glee, “This guy that needed the help was mean and rude saying, ‘I don’t want her help! I don’t need anybodies help’…the guy was really rude…”

Abby paid close attention to the story her dad was telling. She knew that it always had a happy ending of some sorts.

William continues, “So he’s yelling and screaming and throwing stuff. Then suddenly, there was this bright light…the prettiest, shiniest, bright light I have ever seen and you walked over to him and smiled. You were so calm and patient with this guy no matter how nasty he was. You put your hand on his shoulder and said, ‘sir please, let me help you. I promise that you will feel a whole lot better afterwards’. I don’t know what it was but it was something about you that made him feel calm and relaxed. You helped that man-and that man said that you were his angel…sent down from heaven”.

Abby smiled, “Aww, daddy! You are my angel too!”. No matter how corny his stories may have sounded, it made, Abby happy and it made her blush. That was his job; to keep, Abby happy. They finished up their breakfast and Abby hugged her dad before she went off to school. Before she left out, she turned to him and says..

“Daddy you are the light of my life that makes me calm too”. Then she smiled and walked out the door. William smiled in return because he knew that, Abby would catch on to what the meaning of his story indicated.

Instead of, Abby waiting on the corner for her bus to pick her up, she went in the opposite direction to catch the city bus around the corner from her house. She had other plans this early morning.

When the bus arrived, Abby boarded the bus, paid her way on and took a seat in the front of the bus. She had to keep an look out for the name of the streets and to make sure she didn’t miss her stop.

Once reaching her destination, she had to walk a couple of blocks to reach the address she was looking for. Abby had not one ounce of nervousness in her as she walked as if she was familiar with the block.

Once reaching the address, she stood out front and took a deep breath. For whatever reason, she felt that it might be best to turn around and go on to school but her body wouldn’t move.

She looked at the outside of the house and how well the landscaping looked. Then her eyes fell heavy on the door that she would soon knock on. Suddenly her curiosity got the best of her and her heart pounded fearlessly as she started to take medium size steps toward the front door.

Once, Abby reached the exterior of the house, she knocked on the door instead of using the door bell. She stood still as she tried to listen for any type of movement from inside of the house. She heard nothing. She knocked harder. And waited. The wait seemed as if it was forever. Then there was movement.

Footsteps coming from inside of the house. Then a mans voice telling her to hold her horses. Then the door flung open.

There he was. The man she has never met. The man that took advantage of her mother. The man that took her mothers life and made her feel empty inside. The man…that she has learned to hate.

Charlie stood on the other side of the door and looked at this teenager up and down. He had lost a bit of air as his eyes settled in on hers. He cleared his throat then smiled. The same smile that, Abby has and asked her, “How may I help you?”.

Abby put on the biggest, fakest smile she could manage and said,
“Hi. I’m, Abby and my school is doing a fund raiser for kids like me to get our scholarship for college and if I could have just a minute of your time…sir, I’d really appreciate it”.
Charlie’s smile never left his face, “Sure! I’m always willing to help. Step right in”. Abby did not hesitate not once. She stepped inside of the nicely decorated house and looked around.

“Nice place you have here, sir”.
“Oh please…call me, Charlie”.
The name alone made her flesh crawl.

Abby cautiously followed him into the living room.

Before he could tell her to have a seat, Abby had already made herself comfortable. There was alcohol bottles sitting on the coffee table and a full glass of …something that looked like he was just going in for another refill. Charlie then made himself comfortable on the couch that accompanied the chair, Abby was sitting in. He rubbed his hands together. Abby watched him, studying his every move. Charlie cracked another big smile. Abby studied his smile. It was so much like hers. Then he leaned in and spoke,

To Be Continued...

Dear Abby Continued...Pt.5
October 10th 1997

The weather was slightly warm outside for it to be the month of, October and I had cooked dinner for my little family. It was a great feeling knowing that I had someone that loved me for me and someone who loved me unconditionally…no matter what I did.

The smiles on, William and Abby’s face made me feel as if nothing could ever go wrong.

After we ate and gotten full, William and I settled down to watch T.V as My, Abby played with her blocks. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. I looked at, William and he looked at me because neither of us was expecting any visitors.
“I wonder who that could be”, William said. I said nothing to him but smiled and reluctantly got up to answer the door.

As I opened the door, everything seemed to have moved in slow motion. My heart started to skip beats and my hands started to shake. My life was now flashing before my eyes. Sweat. Sweat beads started to form on my forehead.

Before, if two detectives would have shown up at my door, I would have played it cool and sent them off with a breeze. Now, there was something more I was feeling. I had other people who depended on me to do right as a woman and a mother. I was done. The walls were starting to come in closer to me. I heard nothing. I seen the officers mouths moving but no words were coming out.

I looked over to my right and, William was standing next to me. His mouth was moving but no words were coming out.

The detectives stepped inside my house…without my invite, put my hands behind my back and proceeds to cuff me while reading me my rights. I had finally came back to reality. I was being arrested for the murder of all the men I killed.

“Wait a minute, Detectives! You guys are making a mistake! Baby, tell them they are making a mistake”, William said with dancing eyes and confusion on his face.

There was nothing for me to say. Nothing that I could say. I slowly looked up at, William. The look on his face pierced my heart. The look on my face confirmed what was happening. He was hurt, confused and obviously, oblivious to what was happening. My mouth slowly opened and said, “Please. Promise me to take care of, Abby…”.

William eyes started to water, he was going to speak but I didn’t allow him, “William…please! Promise me…you will take care of, Abby?”. My eyes started to water and my lips trembled.

“I promise”, William finally said to me in a whisper as a tear rolled down his cheek. I was then taking off to jail.

William didn’t miss a day of coming to see me. He always had, Abby with him. I was grateful that the police officers would let me have a private session as they visited. I’d hate for, Abby to get tainted with anything. This place was no place for any human being. It was dirty, and was not sanitized.

I hated that I had to see, Abby this way but it was a good thing that she didn’t know exactly what was going on. I was able to obtain my Diary from, William as he came to visit me one day so that I could continue to write in it. He also sold the house that I lived in and moved him and you into something better.

He sent me pictures of the house.....

...and pictures of you playing in the yard.

He said that my house held a heavy amount of emptiness and memories that he was unable to get back.

He attended all of my court session and I was happy to see him. When he was in the presence of me, my life had a better light and a better future. Instead of feeling cold as I would feel each night lying up in that jail cell on that hard bed. I felt warm and fuzzy-like I did when I had my first crush in elementary school.

The trial for the murder of eight men lasted for three years straight. I was tired of fighting because I knew that I was guilty of everything they charged me with. Only if they was able to feel my pain and go through what I’ve been through. They ended up giving me life with no parole. When the judge mentioned that in the court room, it felt as if my feet were being held down with ten pounds of sugar-five on each foot. My heart was like sand. Live no more. My life was over. My love was over and me raising my daughter…was over.

By the time you read this, [i]My[/i] Dear, Abby, mommy will be in a better place. A place where I can be forgiving for the crime I’ve caused and the hurt I’ve endured upon a lot of families. I will be set free.

I will see my mother! Isn’t that great!?! But I want you, my little sweet pooh bear, to live your life as grateful as possible. Don’t take nothing for granted and don’t make the same mistakes I’ve made. I still haven’t found, Charlie. Charlie Harris was his full name. It’s like he just disappeared off the face of the earth. He is who I really wanted to kill for hurting me and taking my life away from me.
I owe you more than what I can provide for you right now. I can’t raise you while in here. I want you to know that I love you with all of my heart and I will always be with you.

Be good to, William as he is raising you to be a beautiful and well behaved young lady :) I love you my dear Abby and don’t ever forget that.

Dear Abby Pt.5


William and I have been seeing each other for the past two years. We even decided to move in together…well, he moved in with me. I was happy. [b]We[/b] were happy! and you…my little sunflower, took in to William as if he was your biological father. You love him. I see the sparkle in your eyes as he plays with you or read you a bed time story. William is the best thing that has ever happened to me and you. And I promise to give you as much love as you deserve…My Dear, Abby.

Back at the police office.

After two years of investigating the cases of, Deon Robertson, Eric Limon, Jeremy Galsin, Anthony Staunder, Mark Thomas, Walter Soundsend, Ricky Wilson and Jonathan Moore…it was always a dead end. No one knew nothing and no one had any leads. This was getting ridiculous and a bit overwhelming. Never in a hundred years would, Detective Randolph see it being hard to crack down on a case.

The blood work that was found in the victims nails two years ago matched no one that was recently in custody at that time. He was one of the best, Detective there was in his city. He felt that maybe it was time for him to retire after 35 years of being a detective. He was just about to close the case and wait another 2 years and pray for something else to come up, just when he came up with this bright idea.

He abruptly jumped up from his chair and went to the office where, his assistant, Mary Dobson was busy and drinking a cup of coffee.

“Hey ah…I need a huge favor”.
“What is it detective?”, she said with perking ears and a smile on her face. She knew that once the detective came into her office without knocking, he was up to something.
“I want you to get a copy of all the patience that were in and out of the hospital in the year of, 1995”.

“Which hospital, sir?”, Mary asked as she took a sip of her coffee.

“All of them”, He said calmly. Mary was a bit confused and asked again to make sure she heard him right. After all, there were over 20 hospitals in the whole city.

“All of them sir?”.

Randolph voice them boomed through out the police office with agitation and lack of consideration, in which it caught, Mary off guard and she jumped at his voice almost spilling her coffee, “ALL OF THEM!!”.

Mary said no more and did as she was told. Not thinking of being denied of certain information she asked for that went against hospital policy, she got on her job and did as she was asked.

It took three weeks for anything to come back from the hospitals. When Detective, Randolph did finally receive the paper work he had asked for, it took damn near the whole force to look over the documents. Until finally, A familiar name showed up on the list. A name that no one really took too seriously and the name that all of the victims were tied to. Clarrissa Oakson.

Randolph smiled as if he was doing an audition to play the, Joker in the next upcoming movie of, Batman. He immediately called into St. Justice hospital to collect information as to why, Clarrissa was there and to get a blood sample of, Clarrissa to match the sample that was in, Anthony’s nails.

To Be Continued...

Dear Abby Continued...Pt.4

“But then, after getting back in touch with my dad”, William said as his face was covered with sadness and confusion, and his voice was strained a little, he continues, “I lost my dad in a car crash 2 years after me finding him”. Then there was a minute of silence before, William spoke again. “You know, I never understood how a person’s heart could love someone so hard and so much! and then they are taking away from you within a blink of an eye”. I understood what he meant because I lost my mother. So I was able to identify with that pain.

The other pain that I’ve caused others…will never be identified because no one knew the pain I’ve encountered and the pain I have to forever live with. If I could take a lot of things back…the things that took place in my life for the last 8 months-I would. But I can’t.

William’s face suddenly lite up, “Man! What is taking this waitress so long with our food! A brotha is starving!”. I cracked a smile and was also agreeing with him. I was starving too and the baby was kicking like crazy.

Our food had finally arrived and William and I wasted no time diving into our plates. We joked and laughed while eating.

Even took the time to feed each other some food from our plates. This has to be the best time I have had in a long time.

And I was also falling hard for, William.

“Welp. We got another murder on our hands. What is this? Body number 7?”, Detective Randolph said to his partner.
“Yup and they all have the same trait”.
“What do you mean?”.
“Well first off, they are all male. Each of these men have something in common: Tormented faces, fingers…no identification….”, Detective, Walker confesses.
“So are you saying that it’s only one person committing these murders?”.
“That’s what it looks like sir. Also seems like it‘s a woman who could possibly be connected to these men”.

The detectives were interrupted by a police officer.
“Excuse me, detectives. We have a name for the guy that was found in the dumpster over on, Bellaville Rd. His name was, Jeffrey Galsin and he was dating a woman by the name of, Clarrissa Oakson around the time of his disappearance“.
“Has she been taking in for questioning?”, Detective, Randolph asked.
“She wasn’t taking in for questioning but a couple of our men have already been to her house. That was a dead end”.
“Got anything else?”, Detective, Randolph wanted to know.
“Not really…but we’re taking a really close look at this case and the others“.
“Yea well, hopefully we will find our culprit of these dead bodies that are showing up left and right”.

The officer lightly nodded his head to excuse himself and walked away to where the coroner was standing and taking pictures.


Detective, Randolph was doing some work on the computer, trying to look up any information on, Clarrissa Oakson. He had a feeling that she knew more than what she was leading them on to believe. There was nothing to be found but the local information that was already listed about her. She had no background criminal history and barely any delinquent credit.

As Detective, Randolph buried himself into the computer…a officer by the name of, Tonnick approached him with papers in his hand.

“We got another body, Detective“, He says as he drops the papers firmly on his desk, “..Over on North Danver. The victim is, Anthony Staunder; married man, about 6 foot tall; resided at 4545 Rodchester Cr. Wife haven’t seen him since, Friday May 16th”.
Detective, Randolph couldn’t understand what was going on and how their small town became a personal graveyard. He wanted so bad to crack these cases and bring the murderer to justice.

He shut his computer down, called for his partner and headed off to the crime scene.

One week later, Detective Randolph received some paper work from the autopsy that was did on the last victim, Anthony “Tony” Staunder. There was blood found under his nails in which it did not belong to him. Randolph was confident that he was for sure going to find his killer.

Dear Abby Pt.4

2 Months Later-July 1995 8 months pregnant(Part 4)

I was big as a house. I went to visit the doctor one morning when I woke up feeling uneasy and didn’t want to go to work.

I was throwing up the whole day and just couldn’t make myself get out of bed. I then learned at the doctor, that I was pregnant. Pregnant!

What was I going to do with a baby? I didn’t know the first thing to caring for another human being except for myself. I was pregnant by, Charlie. The man that I thought I could trust and who raped me. I was having a baby that was conceived when I was being raped. I cry every night thinking about the life I was going to have and the life I was going to give. It was too much for me to bare. The thoughts of getting an abortion crossed my mind a million times but I was never able to bring myself to do so.

I’ve even went as far as going to the clinic, doing the paper work and waiting for the six hours it took to get me back there. But I’d leave at the last minute. I’ve killed a lot of men during this life time of mine but couldn’t bring myself to kill something that was growing inside of me. One thing I did come to terms with though-and that was to never lie to my child about how she was conceived if she ever asked about her father. I’ll tell my child that he’s dead because if I find him, that’s just what he’ll be. My thoughts were broken when my phone ringed.

“Hello”, I said into the receiver. No one said anything. My voice became more stern...

“Hel-lo!”. Whoever it was hung up. I’ve been getting a lot of those calls lately. Since I was in the hospital the phone would ring but no one would say anything. I slammed the phone on it’s cradle then headed off to the kitchen to fix myself a sandwich. Right after I was done making my sandwich, as if on queue, my phone rung again. I answered the phone that was in the kitchen.
“Look! If your going to call my house and not say nothing, don’t call at all!”.
“This is my first time calling. Did I catch you at a bad time?”, The voice said into the receiver. I felt a little embarrassed and uneasy for answering my phone the way I did. I didn’t recognize the voice either and it made me feel uncomfortable.

“Who is this”, I said with much attitude.
“This is William. Are you O.K?”.
I then had a soft smile on my face.

William. It was something about him that made me feel warm inside. Protected. He was a really nice gentleman.
“Hi, William. I’m sorry, I didn’t recognize your voice”.
“I think I’m coming down with a cold. How are you feeling? Is the baby O.K?”.
William has been my support system for the pass three months. He knows nothing about my history(that took a turn for the worst) and how or who I was pregnant by. He’s just been a really nice friend to me.
“Yes, William, the baby is fine. He or she has been kicking like crazy all morning. I think he wants to come out of there”.
“Or she..”, he would always say. It was well known that I wanted a boy to be my first born. But whatever I have, I’d love you anyway. William continued,
“So why all the attitude this morning? You sounded as if you were going to jump through the phone on me”.
“Telemarketers calling and hanging up”, I said, “But I’m fine now…. since you called”.
We talked a little while longer and made plans to meet up tonight to go see a movie.

While sitting in the movie theater, enjoying my time with, William I felt as if nothing could harm me. I felt safe. I felt as if everything was one big dream and nothing bad ever happened. He made me feel the way a woman is suppose to feel. We went to see some romantic novel and in the movie, the man was crazy in love with this woman and did almost anything for her. When they had broken up in the movie and the lady moved on with her life to a different state, the man went looking for her and expressed his love to her. That’s the type of relationship I would like to have. Now, I know that everyone is human and that everyone may shed a tear from time to time but it was hard for me to shed a tear. I shared a few tears while watching the movie though. It had to be my hormones from this pregnancy.

After leaving the theater, William took me out to eat at this romantic restaurant. When we walked inside, the place was in dim light. I liked the vibe of it. There were also a candle sitting on each table in the restaurant. It screamed, “couples only”. I liked it. We ate, talked and laughed. We both learned new things about each other. William had a very interesting child hood.

“So how long did it take for you to get back in contact with your father?”.

“…Took me three years, because, after he got released from jail, he left town-said he couldn’t bare being in the same state as his brother because of what he did to him”.

I thought that a father just leaving his child behind without a good bye or a phone number was ridiculous! But who was I to judge? I haven’t seen my father since I was 10. Something inside me was touched by how sincere, William was toward his father and how forgiving he was of him. Things like that make me feel more attached to him. Even though, I wouldn’t waist my time looking for my father but I commend him for his effort. William uncle planted drugs on his dad in which he did ten years in prison for.

To Be Continued...

Dear Abby Continued...Pt.3

“Yea, did someone just call, Tony?”.
“Hi, Tony! It ain’t been that long has it? You didn’t recognize the number?”.
He must have been double checking because he became silent and I was able to hear some fumbling going on in the background.

“Oh, Clarrissa! How are you?”.
I don’t know if I was happy on the inside because he remembered who I was…or the fact that I had a date with a guy that is clearly married. I hated when people cheated.

“Yup, it’s me. How you been, Tony?”.
“Well I’m doing good, now since I’m talking to you”.
So talking to his wife wasn’t enough. I just knew that he was full of it. Too bad he didn’t have a clue that I knew what he was all about. Lynette did not deserve to be treated the way he’s treating her. Lynette was Tony’s wife. I never put my mind up to do something and not know who I’m dealing with. It took a lot of snooping around to do with the little technology they have out. But I got down to the bottom of finding out who, Tony really was…just in case he tried to lie.
“I want to apologize for standing you up the other night-work got in the way and…”

“Oh not a problem. I understand. So how is work looking for you now? Can we reschedule our little date?”, Tony asked.
Exactly what I was hoping.
“Sure. What is a good time for you”.
There was no need in asking that question because I already knew that he had, Saturdays and Sundays off. I just wanted to see if he’d lie”.
“Well how does, Saturday look for you?”.
“My, Saturday is all open”.

“Well…we got a date! Lets say I pick you up around…..8ish?”.
“7ish! and I’ll meet you at the park”.
I picked the time. I do not work around no mans schedule.
“Why the park? I was thinking that maybe you could cook for me…dance maybe…?”.

I can sense that, Tony had a big goofy smile on his face. And where did he get some cooking from?! I don’t cook for no one that I don’t plan on seeing after one date.
“How about you take me out to eat and maybe I’ll dance with you? We are already starting off on a bad start don’t you think?”.
“Oh wow, make me out to be the bad guy…”
“Well…a man is suppose to take a woman out right?…I mean after all, you did ask me out on a date”.
He got silent as if he was distracted by something or someone. Then he put his attention back on me.
“So the plan is set. I’ll see you at 7’oclock-no later”.
Then we said our goodbyes and hung up. I knew that his distraction was, Lynette.

May 14th 1995</>

I was running late for work this early morning. There was a lot of traffic on the streets and a lot of police sirens ringing off in the distance. As I entered the building where I worked, I stopped at the front desk to grab some mail and then headed off to my cubicle.

As soon as I turned the corner, there goes my cubicle mate, Sally meeting me half way, chewing on that gum as if it was going to escape from her mouth.
“You’re late”.
I kept walking and rolled my eyes to the ceiling.

“You must’ve got some last night”.
And if I did, it was none of your business! I was almost at my cubicle and she was right behind me like a dog on a criminal.
“Aren’t you suppose to be working?”, I said feeling agitated.
“I’m on break”.
I glanced at the clock and she was only here for thirty minutes.

“So anyway, did you hear about the other guy they found dead over by the pond on LakeField Road?”.
“No I didn’t. Now if you don’t mind……I have work to catch up on”. I had finally reached my cubicle.
“Well all I want to say is; be careful because I know that you’re not too far from that area”.
“Thanks for your concerns”, I said to her with a wave of my hand. She popped and snapped that gum and smacked her lips and finally walked away. All I did was shake my head.

After Sally telling me about the other body that was found, I had to look for the story myself just to see what they were saying and if they had any leads.

May 16th 1995

This date was going a little too good between Tony and I. We went to the art museum and I came to find out that, Tony was pretty smart. He put his arm over my shoulder as he described to me what each artist was saying in their paintings. I also started to wonder if he treated his wife the same way when he wasn't abusing her. You know, things like; Did they still go out on dates and if he put his arm around her shoulder or if he held her hand while they were out in public like he did with me. Did he look into her eyes and smile and say something nice to her like he did with me when we were out. I was wondering a lot of stuff. Now we are at this restaurant having a candle lit dinner. If there wasn’t other things on my mind and Tony being a married man…I would say that Tony would have been a perfect match.

“So,” Tony says to me as he leans back in his chair and cross his arms, “Tell me more about yourself”.
“Like what? I thought I told you everything about me”.
“Well you didn’t tell me where your from and how you were as a kid”.
“Oooh o.k, you want me to get a little personal?”.
“If that’s what you want to call it”.

I readjusted myself in my seat and beginned to tell him what he wanted to know.
“Well….. I was an only child who was adored by my uncles. I never really got my way with anything. My mother use to always tell me that if there was certain things I wanted to get or do, I’d have to earn them on my own because she was not going to be around forever to do things for me. So I was working at 5 years old…”

“Wow working at 5!?”.
“Yup. It wasn’t big work though. Little things like helping my grandmother around the house like; folding clothes, doing dishes and vacuuming the floors. I would get paid for doing that”.
Tony nodded is head in agreement, “So you’ve been independent for a long time”.
“Yup. And I’m glad my mother raised me that way because now…whatever I want I can get”.
“Is that right”, Tony says.

“Yup. I got you right now…don’t I?”.
He let those bright teeth show from blushing so hard then says, “I guess so”. Now it was my turn to ask him something about his self.
“So, Mr. Tony, tell me something”.
“What do you want to know?”.
Did he really want me to randomly pick a question for him?!
“How come such a fine man like yourself, single?”.
I couldn’t wait to hear what he was going to say.
“I let my work get in the way…”
“There is one thing I learned from woman and that one thing is; over time from work means time for cheating”.
“Oh really”, I said with a chuckle because I couldn’t believe what just escaped from his mouth. I didn’t want to hear nothing else from his mouth because I knew that each word was a lie. I took a look at my watch and realized that it was getting later and later. It was time to end this date with, Tony…or rather end this date and on to the next.
“So what do you say, we go to my house and end the night listening to some smooth jazz?”.

Tony smiled, “You listen to jazz?”
“I love jazz!”.
“Me too! that’s almost all I listen to”.
Yea. I know. Bait thrown and caught.

The tension was hot in my living room. As soon as I was able to unlock my door, Jazz had flew beyond our heads and decided to heat things up by letting our lips become one with each other. Tony kissed me so good that…if he wasn’t married or abused women, he was for sure my man and he knew exactly what I wanted. While in the middle of kissing, I tripped over something and landed on the couch with, Tony falling right on top of me. We made out even more and kissed each other harder. I was feeling as if I wanted to rip his clothes off and just have at him but that wasn’t my main focus. My focus was to stop the pain of others and keeping his mind focused on me at this present moment is what my goal was going to be.

We’re kissing passionately. He’s going under my shirt to caress and massage my breast. I gently grab for his hand and placed them on my butt. I used my right hand to slowly dig under the couch pillow while I still massaged and rubbed his head while passionately kissing him. I’m feeling around under the pillow until I felt the top of my knife that I kept hidden under my couch pillow. Then I said,
“Wait a minute baby. We can’t do this”.
Tony was breathing hard as if he just got done running a marathon. He said to me in a raspy, dry voice,
“Why not? What’s wrong?”.
I looked him in the eyes then grinned, “What will you’re wife say?”.

He didn’t want to show the truth that said he was married. His eyes had gotten a tad bit bigger then swallowed and said, “Wife? I’m not married”.
My smile became wider as I rolled my eyes to the ceiling and continued to make eye contact with him and said, “Lynette. That’s her name right? Lynette”.
He had nothing to say. His breathing became steady and he no longer had his bedroom eyes. I must have scared him because I felt his body jerk as his wife name came from my mouth. He didn’t say nothing but dropped his head as if he was ashamed of his self at that moment. I almost felt sorry for him but why should I? he was doing wrong…not me! I wanted him to look at me. Look at me so that I can read him…try to figure out what he was thinking and what he was feeling. But he remained silent. Then his head raised back up as he looked back into my eyes.

He was hard to read. There was something about his facial expression that sort of scared me.
“Look…Clarrissa. I don’t have a wife and I don’t know who the hell, Lynette is”.
Still lying. Then he started to kiss me on my neck and sucking on my neck. I didn’t like the way he was sucking on my neck and the way his body started to get heavy on top of mines. I tried to push him off and tell him to stop. But he was not trying to hear me. My hand wrapped around the knife even tighter. Ready to pull it from under the pillow and treat this dude as if he was an cat fish being prepped to fry. Still using one hand, I tried to push him off of me.

“C’mon, Clarrissa. I know your not going to lead me on this way”.
He then grabbed for my leg to open them wider. I had a skirt on and I heard it rip. This fool was going to try and rape me. He then started to yank on my underwear while he used his right hand to unbutton his pants to pull them down. That’s when I pulled my knife from under the pillow and stabbed him right in his side. He yelled in pain.
“What the fuck!”, He managed to grunt out. He then haled off and smacked me! I stabbed him again but I didn’t know where. By this time, my mind was rushing. I was tasting blood…his blood.

He leaned over this time holding his wounded body and fell to the floor. I was able to get up from the couch. I looked at him as he cried out in pain. I wiped my mouth and looked around my living room as if someone else was going to come charging in at me. I had drips of blood on my clothes. That was nothing. I could wash them later. He was still holding his wounded body. Breathing hard. His face let me know that he was in deep pain. He then looked up at me. I continued to look down at him, not taking my eyes off him. I started to tremble. Tremble in my own fear.

“You sick bitch! What you do that for?!”.
Did he really want a answer from me? I had to do something. If he lived, he’d for sure go to the police and I wasn’t going to let that happen. I needed my gun. As I turned around to go off to my bedroom, Tony attacked me from behind. I hit the floor hard and the knife was knocked out of my hand and slid across the floor. Fuck!
I was trying my hardest to get him off of me.

He rolled me over and started to chock me. Even though he was in pain, he was still strong. He was grunting words to me that I couldn’t understand. But one thing for sure…I knew he wanted to kill me. I then kneed him in his groins. He crouched over but it wasn’t good enough. As soon as I thought I’d get away, he grabbed a hold of my foot and made his way on top of me again and then punched me in the face as if I was a man. I have to admit that I’ve never been punched in the face before and that shit hurt! I wanted to scream really loud in hopes of someone hearing me and calling the cops. But then thought about the questioning and me being held for stabbing this fool.

I had to continue to fight back so I started to scratch him. I didn’t care where, I just wanted him off of me. I then punched him in the nose. It made him weak. I started to inch my way to the knife. His body weight was slowing me down tremendously. I was getting closer. He was trying his hardest to stop me but not hard enough. I was now able to feel the knife with my finger tips. He started to pound on my left leg. I used the right leg to kick him right in the face. The knife was now back in my hand. I gripped it tight then turned around and stabbed him in his shoulder.

He rolled on his back. Breathing hard and looking as if he should have just called the date off. I lifted my arm again and continued to stab him.

Dear Abby Pt.3

The Following morning, Monday-May 11th, 1995 (Part 3)

I woke up with the sun beaming in my face. The smell of fried eggs and bacon was floating in the air. I remember talking to someone last night and having a few drinks. But did I bring him home with me? Did we have sex? Did he…..rape me? He couldn’t have raped me because he’s still here.

I hurried out of bed, wearing the same clothes as the night before and tiptoed to my dresser that held my gun inside. I had to see who I’d let in my house! The only way I was able to access my kitchen-besides going down the stairs, was through my bedroom balcony. I always left my living room door unlock in case of an emergency.

When I silently entered the living room door heading toward the kitchen, With my gun in hand, my pace slowed down. I could hear a man humming a tune and then singing the lyrics to a song. I must have opened my legs to him if he was in my kitchen cooking and singing. That’s the only time a man would be in such a good mood.

He must have felt my presence entering the kitchen because he turned to face me with the food in his hand and says,
“Good morning beautiful. Breakfast?”.

This guy must be nuts. He was in my kitchen as if he knew it all too well.
“What are you doing here? And why are you cooking breakfast in my kitchen”.
He laid out the food and smiled.

“Well first of all; you invited me here. And second of all, you looked hungry”.
I looked hungry…while I was sleeping? This guy must be crazy. I had to find out if we did anything. The food was smelling good and I was hungry so I sat my gun lightly on the new end table I invested in that sat outside of the kitchen and I went and sat down at the table. Once he was seated I had to ask...

“Did we uh…….” as if he knew, he answered for me.
“Have sex?”. He chuckled. Me on the other hand did not find anything to chuckle about.
“No, we didn’t have sex. We laid up together and just cuddled through the night”.
And he made it to the next day?! It must be something about this guy or either I’m slipping.
“And your wife and child are not worried?”.
He chuckled once again. Me on the other hand didn’t see nothing to chuckle about.

“Wife?…..child?…I have no kids, Miss Clarrissa and don’t have a wife. I’ve never been married”. He took a bite of his food. He was just too comfortable. The food looked yummy but I refused to eat it. What if he put something in it. I made a note to myself to not ever get that drunk again. And I had to remember what happened last night. I was hoping that he said his name or mentioned something hinting to what his name would be. The conversation was hitting to nothing with his name in it so I had to ask.

“What is your name again?”. This dude chuckled again! And again, I seen nothing funny.
“You really don’t know my name?”.
“Look, I had one too many last night. No I don’t remember your name-as embarrassing as it is”.
“My name is William. William Cox. You want to see my I.D?”.
“As a matter of fact…I do”. He shook his head as if it was a shame. It was completely normal for me. If anything happened, I’d know not only his name, but where he lived as well. He pulled out his I.D picture and I looked it over. His name was William Cox and he lived at 7845 Wilmorebridge RD apt 7B. I could never be too sure after what happened to me before. I must have been really lucky running into this guy because if he was someone else, he would have took full advantage of me while I was drunk. And I must say that he was also lucky. So there must be something about him that I can’t remember right now. That’s why it’s so important for me to rephrase my night. After talking to, William for a little while longer, I had to tell him that I had to be getting ready for work so that he could leave.

After he left, I went to check my answering machine.
“Message 1, left yesterday at 9:35p.m, “Hey…Clarrissa, this is, Tony. I’m at the mall waiting for you. I hope you didn’t stand me up-I’m here call me as soon as you get this”.
Tony! Damn! I had a date with him. I also had five other messages after that and I knew it was him so I didn’t bother to listen to them. William was not the only lucky body last night. He also saved another mans life. I decided to call, Tony after I showered. We needed to reschedule our date.

After I was done showering I gave, Tony a call. The first time it went straight to his voice mail. I wanted to call him back but didn’t want to look as if I was pressed in meeting up with him. I placed the phone back on it’s cradle and was heading off to the kitchen to grab me something to eat until my phone ranged and startled me. I quickly retraced my steps to answer the phone.

To Be Continued...

Dear Abby Continued Pt.2

May 7, 1995

Work days are always slow. I’ve been smiling ever since I walked in the door. I was a full time receptionist at a phone company by the name of; Simulation Communications. Been working this job for twelve years now. And after twelve. Long. Years-I’m still an receptionist. I didn’t really care though because the pay was good and it paid my bills. Even though, by now, it seems as if I should have my own personal office. But don’t. I still had my own cubical space. I sat at my desk with a cup of coffee. I needed that coffee because the night before was a busy one for me. I went out on a date with a guy I met at the mall. Well…not really a date, we talked a little while he was on break. He was an security guard. Married. And I didn’t care. He had no kids. We made plans to have a real date later.

I was cut off from my thoughts by my Cubical mate, Sally. She came into work chewing on her gum all ghetto as usual. Didn’t care who she disturbed while making that loud popping sound. As soon as she sat her things on her desk, she peeked over in my personal space.

“You look like you’re glowing this morning”, she says as she’s smacking on that gum. I gave her a half smile while pretending to be working.
Ignoring my not-interested-in-talking look, she continued, “You’re fashion sense has shot through the ceiling as of late”.

“Is that an insult?”, I say now looking up at her.
“Girl naw! It’s an compliment. You look good girl”. I gave her another half smile and continued what I was doing…trying to ignore her.
“Thank you”, I said to her with not much interest. Sally was still leaning over my cubical as if she was sizing me up or looking for something else to talk about. I kept myself busy on my computer.

While looking at the screen, I say, “What is it Sally?”.

“Oh nothing. Did you hear on the news this morning-that they found this mans body in the dumpster over on Bellaville Rd?”. That caught my interest. My eyes slowly looked away from my computer screen and up at Sally.

“No. I didn’t hear that. Did I know him?”.
“I doubt it. He was a John Doe. They couldn’t identify the man. His face was so discombobulated and his fingers looked as if they were caught in a trash compacter”, She says with a shrug of her shoulders, “It was very hard for them to identify him. So, they are going to try and identify him through dental records and hopefully get in touch with a family member of his”.
“No I.D?”, I wanted to know.
“Nope. Nothing. Poor guy. I hope they catch the person who did that to him. What an animal. Well, see you on break girl”. Then she finally disappeared behind the cubical.


Sunday-May 10th, 1995

It was finally the day to meet up with the married man. I had went shopping and bought new clothes and new lingerie to wear. I wanted to look extra special for Tony tonight. I even attempted to change my style of hair and added a few extensions to it. I always thought extensions would look good on me anyway. There was five hours remaining before we were to meet up….so, I decided to go out and have a couple of drinks to loosen up a little. Drinking was not my thing. But, when having a plan in motion-drinking was very much necessary.

At the bar, I was a little shy because going to places as such wasn’t a regular thing for me. I observed my surroundings and seen how carefree and loose people were while sitting at the bar or dancing. I had to learn to be that way as well-act as if being here was a second home for me. I found an empty seat at the bar and wasted no time getting the bartenders attention. I wanted to start off with something light. Once the bartender approached me, I said, “An apple martini please”.
“Tini coming up!”, the bartender said as she went to make my drink. Five Martini’s later, I was feeling nice and a little at ease. By this time, a handsome guy came and sat next to me. He was a nice brown complexion with jet black wavy hair. His goatee was nicely trimmed and no wedding band on his fingers. He ordered an, Grey Goose on the rocks. I didn’t know what that was but it sounded like something strong. I went into my purse to pay for my drinks and to tip the bartender when I was startled by his deep, sensual voice.

“Leaving already”, he asked.

“I stopped digging in my purse to make eye contact with him and says, “Well yea. My night here has come to an end”. I gave him a weak smile.
“I’m William”, he says as he introduce himself with a gentle smile. He looked as if he wouldn’t hurt a fly. But the smile I knew of too well. I returned the same smile.

“Well good luck. People here are already over due”. I giggled a little and proceeded to get up from my seat but was startled again.

“Would you like another drink before you leave for the night?”, William asked me.
“Uhh…I…don’t know…”
“Oh c’mon. It’ll be the best drink of your night”.
…Of my night?! He has got to be kidding me. So I asked, “Are you buying?”.
“Sure, I asked. I’ll even pay for the drinks you already had before I arrived”.
What deal is better than that!?! He’s offering to buy me a drink and pay for my previous drinks-which mean; I get to keep my money.
“Well…since you offered”.
He paid for my previous drinks and the current drinks I ordered. We talked, we laughed and we ended up back at my place.

After lying in bed and lying comfortably in his arms. I was out for the count.


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